Thursday, September 04, 2008


I'm posting from my brand new computer!! Can you believe my last computer was almost 8 years old? It was a valiant little workhouse, but it was time for it to be retired. I'm excited to learn all the bells and whistles on my new toy:)

But for tonight I thought I'd talk about these three little animals that inhabit our home who rarely get any air time on my little blog:

Bree - the jokester and troublemaker of the three puppies. She's 9 years old. Last night she ate two brand new packages of tortillas and Hubby's apple fritter off the kitchen counter. She hid in the backyard most of yesterday cause she knew she was in big trouble. She is a little stinker! She is very much a momma's girl and loves to follow me through the house.

Gammy - the old lady. This little pug is almost 14 years old and still kind of going strong. Her poor little body is starting to fail her and she is almost completely blind and going deaf. Guess what brings her back to life? French fries. She can smell them from a mile away. I couldn't get her to look at me while I was trying to take a picture. She knew it was dinner time so she was not budging from the spot where she eats.

Yuki - our special needs baby. You look at her wrong and she gets sick. She's 11 years old and was the runt of her little. She likes to poop in the kitchen, which is why she doesn't get to roam the rest of the house and is resigned to spend her days in the kitchen on her comfy dog bed. She's a crazy little puppy. She's thinks she's the alpha dog so you should see her stand up to Bree. She loves to squish down right between Gammy and Bree when they are all on the bed. We call that a "Yuki sandwich".

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dragonflydreamer said...

Your darlings are adorable especially the Pugs as I am so partial to the breed since my son picked Emo as the one thing he wanted the most for Christmas in 2007. I feel guilty sometimes as I really love my Jack Russell Terrier, Roxy, but can't help adoring Emo. I never imagined I would be such a dog lover since I wasn't allowed to have any pets growing up and was raised in an obsessive compulsive home that was very sterile and cold. It did take awhile for me to get used to the dog hair, but now they pretty much rule our home. Thanks for sharing photos of your lovlies.