Friday, September 05, 2008



No - the skirt's not crooked, it's just the way I'm standing. This is my 4th skirt for the Mini Wardrobe Challenge. I used the pattern from the Built by U book again - only this time I moved the zipper to the side instead of the back. And I can't believe I got up the nerve to use my Amy Butler fabric that I bought in Vegas last year - but it was screaming to be made into a skirt.

PS I love how the neighbor's trash can is featured in the background:) Isn't that a nice touch!!! It took me about 8 tries to get a decent pic so I wasn't about to try again:).


Tracy said... So totally love that fabric. And it looks great as a skirt! You're so awesome.

Vallen said...


Ryalin said...

That skirt is totally AWESOME!! You amaze me, big sis. You are so crafty!
Lil Sis

carrster said...

Looks FANTASTIC! Nice work and the Amy Butler fabric was a fabulous choice!

happy zombie said...

If I were Tim Gunn I'd have something really snazzy to say... but since it's me, this is what you get:

Smokin' hot, Raesha!!!

bigE said...

Smokin' hot indeed! (In a totally non-incestuous way :D)

Also, it seems most of my best shots have trash cans in the background, as well!