Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Day

My day went a little bit like this:
6:15 AM get up for work
7:15 AM leave for work
8:05 AM arrive at work (the commute SUCKED today!)
12:00 PM lunch and a run to my favorite thrift store where all shoes, clothes and purses were half price!! I'm going back tomorrow with two co-workers:)
1:10 PM back to work
5:00 PM leave work, rush to pick up Miss S for her FIRST soccer practice
5:45 PM get to Miss S's school to pick her up and rush to the soccer field - she changes in the car
6:00 PM soccer practice starts
7:00 PM soccer practice ends
7:15 PM Visiting teaching
8:00 PM mad dash to McDonald's for dinner (semi-healthy - I had the Asian grilled chicken salad) Miss S had a Happy Meal - we now have 8 of the Star Wars Clones figurines
8:15 PM eat McDonald's at home
8:30 PM Help Miss S with her reading homework
8:45 PM get Miss S in the tub
9:05 PM collapse in bed
9:35 PM Hubby gets home from his first day of fall semester and gets me up to chit chat
10:14 PM Posting on my blog cause this day was too ridiculous not to share with you all:)


rohanknitter said...

That sounds pretty exhausting!!

BMT said...

ugh...I love when school starts..but I so don't like what it does to my schedule...running here/there and everywhere!!!

Melissa said...

I tagged you. Check out my blog.

Anonymous said...