Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rain, Shirts and Puppies, oh MY!

Last Thursday night we had one heck of a rainstorm in town RIGHT when I was driving home from work. I almost had to pull over and wait it out cause it was raining so hard I could hardly see. These pictures are from the arroyo by our house about 1/2 hour after the storm ended. I could not believe how much water was rushing by....about half the neighborhood came out to watch it too. This is normally a dry creek bed...it really was amazing to see this.

Sunday after church I sewed all afternoon and made two shirts for me and a skirt for Miss S. Here's one of the shirts I made - it's from Simplicity 3893 (the Kaliyah Ali collection) and I love it. Quick and easy and nice enough to meet with clients in. I wore it to work on Monday...I was glad I dressed up a little cause we had a potential client come in and all the attorneys were unavailable (the attorney she was supposed to meet with got delayed in court) so as the senior paralegal, I had to meet with her for her initial consultation. Nothing like putting me on the spot:) The other shirt I made is another Built by Wendi short sleeve top...I'll probably wear it tomorrow:) Our 19 year old courier just got a sewing machine for her birthday and she is so excited to learn to show. I told her she can come over anytime and sew with me.

Miss S played princess with Bree tonight after dinner...she is such a good sport:) Oh and she lost her second loose tooth Sunday after church. She wiggled and wiggled at it until it came out...which I don't think it was quite as ready as the first one as this one bled quite a bit.

And lastly, Miss S made us this very appropriate sign to hang in the front room. I guess this is her subtle reminder to me to pick up a little more:)


Danielle said...

haha, love the sign... my oldest often reminds me of all the chores that need to be done too:-) I was up late, very late one night last week with my poor teething baby boy (he's got 5 teeth coming in at once!) We both passed out from pure exhaustion in the middle of the night. We woke up the next morning to my oldest sitting there reading, she looks up and says, "I had to clean up all the toys you guys left out." She cleaned EVERYTHING! There wasn't a thing out of place. She's only 5, I wonder what 6 will bring:-)

Love the shirt! Rain, gosh we haven't seen rain in like 6 months. We hardly had any rain this year!

Dana said...

I love that shirt! I will have to check out that pattern. The pic of your daughter and the dog playing princess is adorable :)My dog will wear hats and clothes if you bribe him with treats ;)

Thanks for sharing!


san francisco lauren said...

the shirt is *gorgeous*!!

Mimi said...

Hi, Thanks for the comment on my blog, That sign is too much :)