Monday, August 13, 2007

A Rambling Post

This is our little pug, Yuki - she kept getting in the way while I was trying to take pictures on Saturday so I figured she wanted me to take a picture of her. She looked down right as I took the picture. She is a goofy, goofy little pug and always has her tongue sticking out like that.

Miss S just told me I am typing so fast that it is making her tummy hurt:):) She starts 1st grade in 2 days!!! And she just discovered her first loose tooth yesterday during church....actually she freaked out when she found it and came running, with tears streaming down her face, in to Sunday School to show me. She finally calmed down and remembered that it was OK:)

I've been happily crafting baby gifts the past few days...hopefully I'll get to show them to you soon:):) Thank you to you all for the layout love on the last post:) I am hopelessly behind on responding to my comments...but I think it will make you happy to learn that not only do I read them, but I save every one of them in a special email folder I have. At last count I had over 1000 emails in the folder and I like to go back and reread them occassionally. HOLY moley...I just went and looked and I have 1874 emails saved in that folder!!

On the Dr. Pepper front....5 days and counting...and I am craving it! Not really the caffeine, but the yummy carbonated taste. But I'm renewing my love for lemonade which really hits the spot on the hot humid days that we are having lately.


Knitting Mama said...

I need to kick my Diet Coke Habit... maybe next month!

Lucy said...

Congrats on your Dr. Pepper abstinence! I think I am going to do that with least until Christmas, then all bets are off.

Nice idea about the blog emails. I sometimes miss a comment because of the junk email I get so I keep everything until I have a chance to reply--but in no order. It is nice to go back and read through the sunshiny comments that are received--gives us a warm fuzzy feeling when we need it most!


jess said...

First time my little girl lost a tooth, she panicked because she didn't know what was happening. I guess it is a scary thing if you've never done it before! I can't wait to see your baby things that you're making!

carrster said...

Yuki is adorable!!

I've given up giving up Diet Coke. If that is the worst thing I do to myself in life, ah, so be it. (I do limit to one a day....2 AT the very most and only usually under extreme stress or if we go out for pizza! haha).

Can't wait to see what you've been busily crafting!