Thursday, August 09, 2007


I am trying to kick my Dr. Pepper's been almost two days since my last one:):) Not having that jolt of caffeine really kicks my butt though...last night I went to bed at 9:15 and tonight I think I'll be hitting the sack before 9. We have 1st grade registration for Miss S in the morning and I am looking forward to sleeping in until 7 and then getting to work late:):) We are remodeling our office at work and it has been crazy the last few days. My temporary desk space is just slightly larger than a tv tray...we should have about 8 more days of the remodel and then we get to move back into our regular spaces. I will have a new cubicle area (downsized a little bit from my previous office) but that's okay...I'm looking forward to setting up a new space.

I've been doing a fair amount of scrapbooking the last few are a couple of the latest layouts that I've worked on. If you would like to read the journaling, just click on the pic and you should be able to read it.
I am floundering in a sea of "stuff" and it feels good to make a small dent in my paper, embellishment and sticker stash.

That's my sista, Rye Bread, and her sweet family - just missing is her littlest who will be three in September! Of course, Miss S had to squirm her way into the family picture too.

And some fun layouts from when my beaner, Tammy, and Caryn, came for a quick visit this spring.

Good night!


est said...

yr scrapbooking is lovely!

monique(moki) said...

oh no! Will you still be able to covertly surf the web when you move into your cubicle? ;)

Apron Thrift Girl said...

I'm right there with you on the lack of caffeine. I stopped drinking coffee on vacation because my body was having some bad reactions to it. I miss it so much. I know my body feels better because of it but sad that I am not having it anymore. I was telling a friend of mine that it is similar to smoking in the 60's. It is such a social thing these days. Especially when everyone is walking around with cups in hand. Do you see people drinking Dr Pepper and feel a longing?

Stephanie said...

The DR Pepper habit is HARD to kick. Its been a month now and I still miss them! Your scrapbooking is lovely!