Monday, January 12, 2009

What's In My Bag?

Seriously, too much. I was tired of wading through the 7 lip balms, 2 lip glosses, sunglasses, misc doodads, 4 nail files, 53 tissues, two spools of thread, a spool of ribbon, mini tape measure, 5 pens, two sharpies, planner, wallet, checkbook, trash, old gum, three business card cases, expired coupons, to do lists, notebook, office keys, credit cards, business cards, punch cards, car keys, Miss S's toys from our last visit to Chuck E Cheese, a book, and all the other 300 items that were weighing down my purse. I actually weighed it and it weighed about 11 pounds. That's a lot of crap to be carrying around. It was making my shoulder and my back hurt - for real.

So tonight I took more baby steps - out with my gigantic purse, or "suitcase" as my baby brother called it, and in with my old stand by. My favorite bag ever - my green Eddie Bauer messenger bag. My tried and true standard. The true love I always return to....

And I added that darling daisy charm just for grins.


Chad said...
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Chad said...

Now you can use yor old bag as it was originally luggage.