Friday, January 02, 2009

A Pink Christmas

This year I participated in A Pink Christmas exchange. You totally have to check out the website - the concept is so amazing and I think this might become a yearly tradition for me.
I received the most amazing package from Lauralee and GUESS WHAT! We actually knew each other when I lived in Silverdale, WA and she lived outside of Poulsbo, WA! Isn't that amazing! I'm so excited to get to know her again - you have to check out her website - she makes the most amazing vinyl lettering stuff - I think "amazing" is my favorite word for this post.

So here are my AMAZING goodies....

This gorgeous wall hanging is already hanging in my office at work. My coworkers are SO jealous.....they all want my crafty friends:)

And a beautiful frame with Amy Butler paper, a photo album clutch (I seriously have been wanting one of these!!), a lollipop that Miss S absconded with, lip balm assortment that I absolutely love and a big old box of Hot Tamales. Those are almost gone but I saved the box so I could take a picture:)

Lauralee - I love this packageso much and I'm so excited for us to get to know each other again!! THANK YOU!!!!

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