Saturday, January 24, 2009


I've totally been in a rut can probably tell by my lack of posting. So much I want to do + so little time to do it in + too much stress at work = a whole lot of nothing getting done.

So I've resorted to what I normally do when I get stressed out....a little bit of shopping. I had some VERY fruitful stops at thrift stores this week (I'll share pics of those a little later)...and I have these three books on their way to me:

Today I have a trip to the salon for a hair cut, eyebrow wax and highlights scheduled ....then hopefully a stop at the shoe store to get a pair of these:

My current slippers are trashed and I thought these would make a great replacement for them.

I hope by this evening I will be refreshed and renewed and ready to tackle some projects and get my creative juices flowing again!!!


Bonnie said...

Uuuuoooooooo, I just "love" having a "pamper me" day. It really does help -- we need to do it more often (says the woman who is still wearing toe polish from August)!!
Enjoy, find your new slippeys and "be renewed", or at least, relaxed!!

dawn said...

oh! I have a pair of those and I wear them everywhere. So cozy.