Sunday, January 04, 2009

Red & Aqua Goodness

Apron Thrift Girl hosted a red and aqua swap, seriously months ago....the beautiful goodies I received have been on my desk patiently waiting to be photographed and blogged about:)

My partner was none other than the most fabulous Monica of The Happy Zombie. I'm convinced Monica and I are soul mates:) How else could she have sent me the most perfect, most "Raesha" package I've received in a long time:):) Seriously, I adore Monica and I'm thrilled to say she is my friend:)

Monica is a quilter extraordinaire...she made me this beautiful bag...

A fabric lined basket and IKEA dustpan and broom. Heaven help me if I ever get to an actual IKEA - I fear I will buy the whole store.

More gorgeousness and a DARLING little aqua tea pot. That's going right on my tea cup shelf in the kitchen:)

Even more gorgeousness, little fabric pumpkins and vintage Pyrex that made me swoon:)

Thank you Monica - I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it all:):) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!!

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happy zombie said...

MAN... Am I in need of catching up! I'm so gushy mushy touched by your post, my soul-mate-twin!

Your box-o-red-n-aqua joy was sitting and waiting for me to photograph it. Little by little I was taking stuff out and using it/decorating with it. The scarf, the stationary, the ribbon and buttons, the bag, the apron, on and on... and now I don't have it all together any more! I'm gonna search your blog and flickr to see if I can swipe some photos from you! xoxo times a million - m