Sunday, September 09, 2007

Thank you, Maurine Hall..

that was her name...the sweet woman who's estate sale yielded a bounty of goodies. I went Thursday at lunch and then again on Friday at lunch.
As promised - here are pictures of the treasures that I came home with:

Three aprons (more below too)

Pre-made quilt squares, cigar box full of buttons, stack of beautiful old greeting cards, short and long black gloves. The long ones will most likely become part of Miss S's Halloween costume - she wants to be a witch. Crocheted____somethings???? I originally thought they were baby doll hats but they are a little too tall to be that. I have no idea what they are, but there was a bag of 8 of them for $.75 so I just had to have them.

The bottom of my Target bag FULL of notions, trims, more buttons and thread.

More pre-made quilt squares and fabric

More fabric...these appear to be upholstery samples but are really good sized - at least 3/4 yard of each. I love the little blue and green floral ones..heck...I love them all:)

3 more aprons...there were at least 10 more...but I had to show some restraint and picked my absolute favorite ones.
Not a bad haul for $30 total! ($23.00 on Thurs and $7.00 on Friday)


Roxanne said...

WOW! Looks like a great haul! I bet you felt just like a kid in a candy store huh!!

kristin said...

i just spent some time catching up with you! you've been busy! :) congratulations on opening your own etsy shop...just had to show my support :) xx

Mary Ann said...

Wow. Can you feel the envy oozing from my pores?

Marilyn said...

What great items from the sale. The aprons are adorable!

Kelly said...

thanks for you comments yesterday! boy am i jealous of all your goods, i'm never good at finding stuff like that. it seriously takes talent, and i don't have any.

ScrapHappy said...

What awesome stuff! I need to come to your neck of the woods!

Vallen said...

I think theyare golf club covers. I just found some too at an estate sale. Good thrifting, you.

Lucy said...

Wow is right! You made out like a bandit, love the variety of aprons she had!