Sunday, September 30, 2007

8 Random Things

Two of my fab friend - Fiona and Lauren both tagged me to post 8 Random Things about myself...they tagged me LONG ago and I am just now getting slightly caught up.
So here goes:

1. I am slightly addicted to lip gloss and chapstick...really anything cool for your lips other than lipstick. I currently have 55 different lip glosses and chap sticks. Of those, I keep 22 at work alone!! Yes - when in doubt, you can always buy me cool lip gloss and chapstick. Hubby refuses to kiss me when I have it on so he gets a lot of pecks on the cheek.

2. I am a notary public. If you ever need anything notarized, just give me a call! Heck, I'll even do it for free for my blogger buddies:)

3. Our three dogs are named Gammy, Yuki and Bree. Gammy is short for Gamara from that old Godzilla vs. Gamara movie. We usually call her gamma-goos or gammers or old lady. Yuki (pronounced You-key) is generally called yuk-a-boo-key, yukers or baby girl (she was the runt). Bree has always been just Bree. No cute nicknames for her, but then again she is a big boxer and not quite prone to nicknames like the goofball pugs.

4. I once wrote a check for 3 million dollars. Sadly, it was for one of my old bosses and none of it was for me.

5. Along the lines of #4 - in addition to being a paralegal, I am also the bookkeeper for my law office. However, I have not balanced my own checkbook in probably two years.

6. I have an autographed picture of me and Bob Dole hanging in my office.

7. I love to fly. I even love little tiny planes that rock you to and fro. I once flew from Miami to Key West in a little 10 seater painted to look like a sea turtle. We flew just under a raging thunderstorm and it was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. I was 7 months pregnant with Miss S on that flight and she loves to fly too. By the time she was 2 she had already earned a frequent flyer freebie ticket.

8. I love Jimmy Buffett. I've belonged to my local Parrothead club for about 12 years and I've had the chance to go to Key West three times with my dad and sister for the annual convention. I've only been able to see him in concert once so far but I hope to go again before he eventually stops touring. My claims to fame are having every single Beatles and solo album and every single Jimmy Buffett album. I take that back - I think he just came out with a new greatest hits that I haven't bought yet. I'm slowly buying them again so that I have them all on CD. I still have several that are just on vinyl or tape.

Since I was so slow in playing along I know that most of you have already done this little meme. So play along if you haven't, and leave a comment if you do so I can read all about your randomness too: )


Mimi said...

What type of paralegal (in what legal field)?

Anonymous said...

Ok you WIN !!! 55 lipgloss'.
I thought I was an addict but you top me for sure. In all fairness though, I know where your coming from, I have them all over the house, handbag, car etc etc etc. I love to find new types and flavours too.
Loved all your weird and wonderful random things.xx

Tola said...

i am a third-generation Parrothead. my daughter is a fourth-generation. My granny is 95 years old and we always play Jimmy on road trips, especially the live stuff. ill trade some lip gloss for some bootlegs.

Notary Public said...

The lip gloss and chapstick thing sounds serious.

I am a notary public as well. I am in southern California. If you have a website, we can link exchange or we can blog exchange - I post about notary law, as well as consumer advocacy, fraud, great online deals, etc. Let me know if you are interested.