Sunday, September 23, 2007

Houston, We have Pictures (and a Winner:))

I have failed to post a proper thank you to my sweet friend, Vallen, for the FABULOUS birthday package she sent me:) My very first crown:):) I'm going to take it to work so I can look at it all the time! Man my face looks pudgy. I need to do something about that. Anyone know any weight loss secrets that don't involve dieting, exercise or pills?

And a Beatles CD that she made for me of Beatles covers - this cd has hardly left my car since I got it - most of the covers I had never heard before!! I love it, Vallen - thank you so much!

I think I mentioned that Miss S and I went to the NM State Fair this week - this lovely shot was taken a second before she stuck her arm ALL the way into the zebra enclosure and got a nice little nip from the zebra:) It scared the crap out of her!!

Here we are on the ferris wheel. Taking a shot of ourselves is so hard! I think it took 4 shots to just get this half decent one.

Moki had her baby ! Check out her blog for all the fun details. I was able to visit them in the hospital and hold her sweet little angel for about an hour. I have baby fever SO bad!

I have been bitten by the Vera bug....after lamenting that I have never found any of her stuff, in the last month I have found 4 scarves at the little thrift store that I love. The most expensive one was $2.00 and the cheapest was $.25. I love the colors and the patterns.

Stephanie inspired me to get out this book and crochet this scarf...last night while Miss S and I watched Holes (I love that movie - I could watch it over and over again) I whipped up this little beauty. It will most likely be a Christmas present. My granny would be proud:)

And Congratulations to KAMI!! She won the CRAFT magazine...Kami can you please email me your address at raeshadrz at yahoo dot com

I'm so looking forward to fall...the weather here is finally starting to change and I already need a sweater in the morning. I can't wait to catch up with everyone (I have over 500 posts in my bloglines to read) and get into some serious crafting for Christmas and upcoming birthdays.


Jackie said...

You look beautiful in your crown!! and you and your girl are so cute on the ferris wheel!! I saw Moki's post - you lucky- getting to hold a little new one! I always have baby fever!!ht

monique(moki) said...

wow what a week for you! If you stop smiling so much, your face might look know it will start to get long and droopy instead ;)
love you!

kami said...

Holy cow, I actually won something?!? That never happens! Thank you! :) I'll email you soon.

Way cute pics. That's hilarious about the zebra, sounds like something my 8 yr old would do. I love your thrift store finds and the scarf you made!

Stephanie said...

You really weren't kidding when you said you were going to make that scarf "right now"! It looks great! As does the crown.

Jessica said...

I've seen your comments on Moki's blog but I've never visited your blog until today. Looks like you found some great scarves and I love the crocheting!

Tola said...

post a list of the songs!! (i want to see if she included "every little thing" by Yes. do you get LinkTV on your cable? theres a john/yoko documentary on next weekend.

Meg said...

You look so cute in your crown! And I agree, Holes is a very good movie!

Anonymous said...

Great pics.
Love that crown and I too do this with the kids and trying to take photos. I can remember taking 14 one day to get 2 good ones.
Thank goodness for digital cameras.
Great find with Vera too.

Mimi said...

I love the pics, it looks like you had a great time.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

We got chased by zebras at a drive-thru safari and a zebra actually bit my arm to getmore food. Yeah, they're pretty aggressive.

You're so crafty! I only do easy level stuff with hot glue guns.

Rebecca said...

I love your crown! I am lucky to have one myself and know how special they make you feel. :)

I found two Vera scarves this weekend myself. Don't you love the colors? Yours are particulary cute!

Vallen said...

I love that you love those things. I loved making them.