Sunday, September 16, 2007

8 Days

The countdown continues:) 8 more days til Ian boards a plane to head home to Hawaii from Iraq:):)

I've been busy crafting this week. We celebrated my niece, nephew and my sister-in-law's mom's (Lori) birthdays yesterday. I'll share the good stuff first...

I made my niece and Lori each a little painted's a pic of Lori's. (the roses are a stamp I had)

And then I made a plaque for my ar-TEA swap partner too... (I free handed the tea cup...can you tell:)?) I hope it's not too cheesy.

Then I made my nephew a fabric covered composition book and a matching pencil case.
Isn't this skull fabric awesome! It's by Alexander Henry and I bought three yards as I have no real "boy" fabric in my stash. I plan on making a few more of these sets as I think they make great birthday presents.

And the not so good brother and SIL's cat had kittens on Friday and the kids begged all day yesterday to go see them...we took them in once to let them just LOOK at them, but NO touching cause they are off limits until they are about a week old. While the adults were all downstairs the kids snuck upstairs to see the kittens again. My 4 year old nephew got REALLY excited and picked the kittens up and started tossing them up in the air. One hit the ceiling and probably has severe internal and head injuries and seemed to just barely be clinging to life yesterday when we left. I have been sick with worry over this little kitten and cried myself to sleep last night thinking about her. I prayed too that if she was in pain for Heavenly Father to take her. I am sick at how upset my little nephew is...he's only 4 and just got really excited and didn't know that he was hurting the kittens. Luckily the other four babies seem to be okay. I left a message for my brother to call me this morning but I have not heard from them yet to get an update. I am so sad over this....


monique(moki) said...

ugh! I'm so sorry about the kitten :(

Cute crafting though!

Liz said...

Oh, I'm sorry about the kitten that happen with a cousin of mine he was also about that age and the kitten didn't make it :( the plaques are cute what did you use to make them? I love the boy themed notebook and pencil case. it's hard for me to do the boy thing with my two girls. I need the boy ideas since I do have 3 nephews now :) you can look at how cute they are they live in australia. So I don't see them much :(
Oh I posted the cookie recipe :)

est said...

sorry about the little kitty.. at least the kids learn a very good lesson and will be more gentle with small animals..

LauraJ said...

lovely plaques. you are a woman of many talents.
so sad about the kitty :(