Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Absolute Laziness

I have a to do list a mile long, and no desire to do anything on it. Instead I have been crafting - I started my atcs for Mary Ann's Valentines swap, finished my atcs for next Saturday's atc group trade, joined two swaps on swap-bot (a tip-in page swap and an altered CD swap), made a scarf from a design I outright stole after I saw one that Moki made for her daughter, and scrounged around till I found a sweater just right for felting after I decided I have had enough of frozen ears this last week. It is in the washing machine right now:) It's cream cashmere and if it turns out night enough I just might wear it to work tomorrow:)

I don't have any pictures of any of it yet since it's already dark and we all know how extra horrible my pictures are at night time:):)

There is still a TON of snow on the ground. The kids were supposed to go back to school tomorrow but school has been cancelled until Monday so that all the side streets and school grounds can be cleared of all the snow. Miss S was bummed as she has been so anxious to go back to school.

These are the icicles on the next door neighbor's house - the longest one is about two feet long!

I spent my morning at the Santa Fe National Cemetery for the service for my dear friend, Lisa's, mom - Alma. After the service we had a nice lunch and visit before I had to head back to work. Lisa brought a photo album of pictures of her mom growing up (she was 79) and it was so cool to look at the old pictures. I met Lisa when I was 19 (Alma was 60 at that time) so I had never seen her without white hair:) We have plans to spend the day on Saturday with Lisa and her family - they have a fantastic house up in the mountains and a hot tub:)(always a big hit with my Hubby). He begs for a hot tub for at least a month after every time we go up there:)


dawn said...

you and your darn snow! it is lovely to see your pictures of it. will be anxiously awaiting photos of crafty-ness!

moki said...

I'll have to invite you all over when it warms up to sit in the hot tub! Then Hub can just sneak in after we fall asleep every night ;)
Anxious to see your feltedness :)