Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Lot of Unrelated Stuff:):)

First up - finally a crafty pic:) This is the scarf I mentioned that I made after being inspired by one that Moki made for her daughter. I made mine really colorful so that it matches lots of different outfits:) I'm such a matchy matchy dork. (There is pink in it just in case you thought it didn't match my pink sweater)

I joined Maryann's Valentine's ATC swap and these are the 4 different atcs I came up with. I am very pleased with them and they all have a wonderfully vintage feel to them.

Another Christmas goodie - this was one of my gifts from our best buds, Lisa and Mike. We spent the day with them in Tijeras yesterday (about 15 miles from Albuquerque) opening gifts, watching movies, and just generally being lazy:) I was so excited to get this scrapbook goodie basket as I have been eyeing it at Sam's Club the last month or so:) Lisa and Mike both know me so well:) I've known Lisa since I was 19 and Mike since I was 15. They met while I was living in DC for 6 months back in 1991 and have been happily married since:) In fact, going to their wedding in 1992 was mine and Hubby's probably third or fourth date:):)

Thrifty goodness - I FINALLY was able to do a little thrifting this week!! My favorite find were these real Crocs - I have a pair of Target knock offs but have really been wanting a real pair - at $4.99 they were quite the bargain!! I'm on the hunt for a pair of Mary Jane ones - any color - size M - so please keep your eye out for some for me:)

And lastly, a shot of our two pug butts - Gammy and Yuki. Yuki loves to snuggle into the crook of Gammy's leg and I just couldn't resist sharing this picture. That's Bree the boxers brown butt in the bottom of the picture. I'll have to try to catch a shot of their favorite way to sleep - with Bree in the middle and a pug all snuggled up on each side of her:)


Knitting Mama said...

The pugs are too cute! Awesome gifts! Love the scarf!

moki said...

great job on your scarf! Is that some vintage inspired green print I see?
I got the same basket too! C's stepmom pays pretty good attention.

And I'll watch for the size M crocs if you watch for some L's! :) Missed you today sitting way far away.

Allen Family said...

Your ATCs are just lovely :)

Happy Zombie said...

CUTE scarf!

OMG... I wish I had known you wanted the MJ Cocs! I just bought a pair a few weeks ago (a funky go-with-everything dark brown). The MJ's run in "regular" sizes (7, 8, 9 etc. vs S, M, L etc.). I got mine at GI Joe's in Portland. I'm going into Portland Friday night (to see Kathy Griffin... score!). Want me to pick you up a pair? Lemme know and I'll be happy to do it for you .

PS... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Nip/Tuck too!!!
PS#2... I'm so gaga over Big Love, I even read "Margene's" blog at (it's really funny).
PS#3... I agree about Crocs... only the real thing will do!


deb said...

I just love your scarf Raesha!!

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me where to get the basket?? I love it.
Great Orgainzing tool