Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Few Observations and a Few Thank Yous

I've made these observations today:
1. If I have known you for five years and you still don't know my name, you are a putz.
2. If you have one big dog and two little dogs, but there seems to be shortage of little dog poo in the backyard, you have a problem...note to self - do not kiss the big dog on the lips for a while.
3. I do not think Crocs (and you know I love them) are appropriate footwear for a grown man to wear to church.

And now for the good stuff:
Tomorrow (January 29) is my brother, Ian's, birthday. He will be 29 - so pop on over to his blog and wish him happy birthday:) He also has some fabulous pictures posted of Iraq and the people there.
Miss S's after school class made these cards for Ian - they are on there way to Iraq as we speak:)

I received my Valentine Altered CD from the swap I did with Swap-Bot - look at this beauty that I received:)

This is from the talented Miss Beth - I love that she decorated both sides - I've never even thought to do that. It is hanging in the front room as my first official Valentine's decoration for this year.

And here is what I made for the same swap:

As you can see I've made a few extras...which will be appearing in random mailboxes between now and Valentine's Day:)

MaryAnn sent me some really cool Japenese stationery and Seattle playing cards from her recent trip - she also sent me these beautiful JOY cards for Christmas - I can't remember if I've posted them yet. And the intial cards are from Kelli. Thank you ladies for making me feel so loved:)

Lastly - I received my embroidered patches from Faun's swap - the flower patch is from Kristin but the other two did not have names on them:( If you recognize them, please let me know. All three patches are so beautiful and I love the variety in styles. Faun sent me a little packet of iron on's as a thank you - I haven't decided what I will use them on yet.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the Crocs!!
Great Swap Items!!

MéLisa said...

People are putzes, sorry.
Big dog eating little poo....EWWWWW
Grown man wearing crocs, to church Ewwwwww (Please God say that they weren't pink!).

Love the cards!

Happy Zombie said...

Please don't tell us they were the MJ Crocs! I loved your CD's... how darling (I really do love pink inspite of the bum rap I gave it about my office wall).

I'm off to wish your brother a Happy Birthday! How sweet of you to do that on your blog!

deb said...

Wow you got some great stuff! Actually.. I've never seen a man wear Crocs.. though I completely agree.

maggiegracecreates said...

I have been married for 21 years. We dated for 5 years before we married. THe preacher at the church myhusband grew up in NEVER remembered my name. The day he died of a heart attack - we bumped into them at WalMArt and he said "hello Charles and this is ___ " long pause while Charles fills in my name. Yes - he was a putz.

Have a great day.

Vallen said...

No Crocs in Church - I think that's a law. I'm retty sure!
Hey, you have been busy creating. Everything looks so great. Love the CD's

kristin said...

lovely creations! happy to see where one of my embroideries ended up :)

Tola said...

if i cant wear Crocs to church, can i wear shoes with light-up heels? i did wear them, to sing at my uncle's funeral last year.