Saturday, January 13, 2007

Where did this week go??

This week just flew by!! I have two trials coming up at work so I have been busy with trial prep - I really like that as it makes the days go by REALLY fast:)

I have been doing so well on my goals and working on my "organizing, reducing clutter" goal. Today I deep cleaned Miss S's room and took two and a half garbage bags to Goodwill, one garbage bag to the trash, and one and a half garbage bags to take to the resale shop next week. I'm going to tackle the computer room/office for a few hours tonight:) Do I dare show you a before picture??? I probably should:)

The little portion of clean desk is my husband's side:):) I have a full Dr. Pepper all ready and three hours until Hubby gets home from work....I hope to make some progress.

Some wonderful goodies arrived in the mail this week. I received a lovely thank you card from MaryAnn for some goodies that I sent was one of those cards that just makes you want to send a thank you card thanking her for the thank you card:)

Miss Vallen sent me this lovely clutch made from a repurposed sweater with a lovely brooch on it, a cool article about a chocolate shop in Santa Fe, and a sweet card. What a lovely New Year's surprise!

Here's the inside - Vallen is so creative! I love everything she makes:)

My January Fat Quarter Swap package arrived (the flickr group I am part of - here's the link). My partner this month was Mac Villiku and all I can say is WOW!!! She included three fat quarters, and TONS of extra goodies. Here we have two tissue holders, a card holder, two hair clips for Miss S, green earrings, a watermelon key ring (the other side is a flower), some Hello Kitty ribbon and a beautiful floral pin that I already have on my brown jacket. I'm going to use the card holder to hold several gift cards I still have to spend from Christmas, Miss S wore the hair clips today and I can't wait to use the rest of these goodies:)

These are the three fat quarters and three extra pieces of fabric that she included. Thank you so much!! I am going to make a little baby quilt for my sister in law who is due next month and I think all six of these will be cut up into squares to go in that quilt since I wanted to make it mostly purple:)

These two atcs arrived from Miss Heather - her contribution for the Art Giveaway Meme. I am so completely addicted to atcs:):) Thank you Heather!

Hopefully I will have really nice "after" photos of the computer room to show you tomorrow:)


ellia said...

that purse really is cute!!!!! and best wishes on organizing and work.... doesnt' it feel good to get a room all fixed up?! hehe, that is my creative rush for sure!!!

African Kelli said...

Nice! I love that clutch. It is giving me lots of ideas. :)

Vallen said...

It seems 'tis the season for organizing. We are all on the same path I think.