Sunday, December 31, 2006

All is calm, All is bright

The snow these last few days has been amazing. 15 inches was recorded at the airport, and one news channel reported that it was a record for one day's snowfall. Albuquerque is so ill equipped for weather like this - can you blame them for a once in a century type of storm? The city has basically shut down - malls, stores and restaurants are closed, no mail, every major highway closed pretty much statewide. What better excuse than to stay home and stay in our jammies all day:) We are having a little New Year's Eve get together for a few friends from Hubby's work so I am spending the day cleaning and getting snacks ready. Moki's C-Bug spent the night last night and so far the girls have played in the snow, drank hot chocolate, played games, played dress up and watched Harry Potter. Miss S is thrilled to have a playmate after being cooped up at home the last few days.

I have never in the 19 years I have lived in Albuquerque seen storms like this, or icicles like this - the longest is about 2 feet long!

Friday this fantastic swap package arrived from brand new mom Robyn - this was my first private swap and I cannot believe all the goodies she packed into the box!! Fun purses, lots of crafting goodies, goodies for atcs, handmade stitch marker, beaded necklace and dish scrubbies, candy, stickers, and some fabulous black yarn that I will have to make something cool out of:):) Thank you Robyn!!!! I love everything and I hope she gets her package from me anyday!!

Also on Friday I received my Vintage Book Swap package from Jo in Australia. Jo was awesome enough to send another package to me when the first ended up MIA. The book looks fabulous and check out the cool beaded bookmarker. Thanks Jo!!!

I am seriously itching for some crafting. I finished up an apron for a swap yesterday - but forgot to take a picture of it:(. I'm almost done with Hubby's knit hat. I'm ready to start something for ME:) How often I get so caught up in crafting for others that I forget to craft for myself:) Hopefully I'll have lots of projects to show you soon!!! Have a wonderful day!


moki said...

aha! Funny gals! I'm itching for some crafting that most of the obligatory christmas crafting is out of the way, maybe we can get together for some regular craft nights!

Ivonne said...

Happy New Year, Raesha!

Knitting Mama said...

I am glad you got the package and you like it!!!! :) Happy New Year!

MéLisa said...

My goodness! That is an unbelievable swap package! Wow! I have that on my goals for 2007 some private swap. Fiona & I have talking about it for months but now with the holidays nearly through we will have to get to it! Also Lori told me she might be interested as well. Fun stuff! Well have fun crafting! I will be looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Make yourself something yummy!

Ryalin said...

I'm so jealous at all that SNOW!!

Vallen Queen said...

Land of the Sun - yeah, but what they don't tell you is that there's snow in the winter. Wow. Have fun and happy new year

Anonymous said...

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