Monday, December 04, 2006

The Week Ahead

is absolutely jam packed, so if I don't post for a few days, just remember that I adore each of you and am thankful for the creativity and beauty you bring to my life:):)
Here's what's on the schedule for this week:
Tonight - Hubby is at hockey so Miss S and I ran a few errands where I promptly forgot to buy one of the things on my list
Tuesday night - Miss S's hip hop class
Wed - Miss S has snack for her kindergarten class
Wed night - Hubby works late so this will be my night to craft and clean
Thurs night - Christmas program practice
Fri night - Christmas program - Miss S is an angel and I am playing the piano for the program
Saturday - ballet class in the morning, Lowe's kids craft club, ATC trade group from 10-12, hip hop performance at 3 and Miss S's 6th birthday party at 6.
Sunday - I can guarantee you that I will be sleeping in and staying in my jammies until it's time for church at 1 pm :)
Sometime this week I have to make the cupcakes for the party and finish the pile of Christmas cards that are half completed, and work on a couple packages that need to be mailed next week. I will be one busy girl this week!!!


jen b said...

Wow you are one busy mama this week. Hang in there, Sunday is only 6 days away :)

Knitting Mama said...

Looks like you have quite the busy week! I am sure you will get through it! Have a nice week!

moki said...

You forgot to add crafting at my house on Friday! But I can definately understand if you want to call it a night after the Christmas party :)
love you!

Vallen Queen said...

Tis the season. How lucky you are to have little ones to share it with.

African Kelli said...

Oh man! Well, here's to wishing you a great, productive and happy week!

Rohanknitter said...

Wow- busy! Your package should arrive tomorrow!! (or maybe the next day)

Ryalin said...

Geez, your busier than I am with working and juggling 4-7 kids!!!!
Love ya