Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm here!!

I'm here...really I am:) I have been creating like crazy but it is all secret so no photos for a while on that front:)

Miss S was in our church Christmas program on Friday. She was one of the heralding angels and it was beautiful:) Hubby surprised us both by getting off work a little early so he could be there to see her performance:) I loved this picture of the some of the decorations. If you look really close it looks like the standing shepherd is flipping the bird:):)

My atcs arrived from Selena's Apron ATC swap and boy was I impressed! Every single one of the ones I received are awesome! I hope the gals that got mine like them...I always feel so nervous about my own work when I get stuff like this: )

Two more ornaments arrived from my ornament swap - this adorable little snowman...and dang I can't find the card that came with it so I can't even tell you who made it:(

And this very cool bottle cap ornament - the cap is about 5 times the size of a normal bottlecap and arrived its own little stamped bag. This one is from Joy.

On my list this week: more wrapping, more sewing, girls night with Moki and Nikki tomorrow night, luminaria tour on Saturday night, finish my Christmas cards - they are 3/4 done, but I can't get the motivation to get the last few done, send off the last few straggler packages, thank you cards from Miss S's birthday party last week and clean, clean, clean! As I was telling Moki today, my bedroom has been totally overtaken by Christmas and I almost can't even see the floor:):)


African Kelli said...

Hee hee! I was getting worried! Glad to hear you are doing well, just too busy laughing at the vulgar wiseman flipping off his flock. That cracked me up.
I hope you are having a lovely holiday season Raesha! {Your goodies are too cute! Selena did a fantastic job.}

Knitting Mama said...

Those are some nice ATC's you got. I wish I had time to make ATC's. I used to trade them, but haven't had time in months to do so. And my time will diminish even more when my first born arrives in just a few weeks! LOL. So I'm trying to savor every moment of time spent doing nothing but relaxing! LOL - Have a good rest of your week!

moki said...

oh swaps! And just so you know, and don't find out later, I helped make those Christmas Party silhouettes, but not those ones! LOL I didn't even think about it! See you tonight!

MéLisa said...

I love your little snow dude! Cute cute! We have a bottle cap ornament too, but ours is a cowboy that his body is made out of regular sized caps. My MIL picked it up at the airport in TX.

BMT said...

I guess that wiseman/shepard was tired of the flock not listening!!!!