Thursday, December 21, 2006

Kids (and Adults) Say the Darndest Things

Miss S and Hubby were watching Star Trek Voyager today and Miss S said "Where's Jean Luc? Is he on a break?" sweet little girl is a trekkie and I couldn't be prouder:):)

After we got home from dinner I had this message on my machine from Moki...."HI, I was wondering what pattern you are using for that thingie you are making." I laughed my BUTT off!! She's at choir practice right now or else I would call her right up and tell her she needed to be a little more specific as to what thingie she is talking about:):)

I finally found time last night to get a little crafting done - two more presents DONE!! This very cool frame is for my sweet friend, Carla.

And this set of JOY letters is for my friend, Lisa. These were both made from kits from Hobby Lobby - I love kits cause they are great for those times when you just don't have the brain power to be creative, but you want to do some crafting:)

Wednesday we had our first really big snow storm in 6 years...about 6-11 inches fell throughout the city. We closed the office early on Wed so everyone could head home. It still took me almost an hour and half to make the 18 mile commute home. I didn't mind - I like to drive slow and steady in the snow and ice and I was rockin out to Cat Stevens. We are expecting another storm this weekend so we just might have a white Christmas here in the desert.

One last shot of Miss S - we called the number for Santa that Moki blogged about and this was Miss S's face when she realized who was talking - Isn't she precious???


Jackie said...

Miss S. is adorable - talking to Santa!! It doesn't get any better than that when you're little! Cute cute gifties - you are so talented!! I'm jealous of the white Christmas - here it's just raining!

Rohanknitter said...

Enjoy your white Christmas! It's just dreary and grey here. Those projects look great.

moki said...

yeah....laugh it up! ha! I was even worried using the words pattern and thingie might give it away!!! I am so paranoid! And another storm? I haven't been watching the weather predictions! That would be soooo cool!

MéLisa said...

Oh fun! You have more snow in the desert then we have in the Midwest! Crazy! I was kind of hoping that the last Christmas that I have to spend here (fingers crossed) would be white. Oh well!

By the way those kits are so cute! I might have to get me some!

Ryalin said...

Hey there,
No snow in sight for us! :(
Maybe next year we'll have a white christmas as we are MOVING!! I can't wait to find out what duty station. Actually Rick said last night he's thinking about going to Bremerton then San Antonio Texas. We want to go to Wichita Falls and could BUT they are moving the school he wants to isntruct in 09 from WIchita Falls to San Antonio. So why move three more times. Move twice, first to Bremerton then San Antonio, then decide to stay there or go to Wichita Falls upon retirement. Sounds like a PLAN!!

iAMiAN said...

Hooray for Trekkie Girls, snow and Cat Stevens! Few things in life make me happier :]

carrster said...

I am so jealous of your white Christmas! How is it that you get snow in NM and here in MN we have NONE? Hmmm.....

Looks like you're having a fabulous Christmas (sorry I'm getting to these posts late...). Love the pic of Miss S - soooo cute!