Saturday, December 09, 2006


Miss Moki tagged me! (this is the first time I've been tagged - how exciting!!)
So here goes -


1. I am a coupon clipper - I have stacks and stacks of coupons. Funny thing is I am not a coupon except for the occassional Michael's coupon that I do like to use- all those lovely coupons I waste time clipping just get tossed usually about 4 months after the expiration date.

2. I use the same water glass for days on end. Hubby hates when I do this as I leave rings of chap stick or lipstick on them that I always forget to scrub off when I put them in the dishwasher. My average time using the same glass is about 5 days.

3. I love to make piles. Piles of laundry, piles of paperwork. Piles of fabric. You name it and I probably have a pile of it. Most commonly referred to as piles of s**t by my sweet hubby.

4. I cannot sleep without any covers on me. Even in the hottest weather I have to have at least a sheet pulled up all the way to my chin. I also cannot sleep if any part of my body is out of the covers, except for my head. I HATE to have my head covered. I used to believe when I was little, and I guess I still do, that the boogy man could not get you if any of your body (other than your head) was not covered.

5. I love rats, mice, lizards, snakes, spiders...and most bugs. They are just so cool. Creepy crawlie creatures fascinate me. I used to catch wild mice and garter snakes all the time when we lived in Washington and try to convince my mom that I could keep them as pets in the house. The ended very quickly when one of the garter snakes I captured got loose from its little cage.

6. I am most terrified and grossed out by cockroaches. I have supreme respect for their purpose on this earth but they freak me out. We get enormous ones at work that like to play dead - then when you try to scoop them up to throw them away they magically come back to life. I also swear that there is one that likes to come in my office and stare at me. Whenever I see him I wonder if it is the same one. My worst nightmare is waking up with roaches crawling on my face. When I was about 7 and went to visit my cousins in Florida was my first encounter with FLYING roaches. Disgusting!! One chased me around the kitchen as I ran screaming like a wild banshee. When I was 19 and lived in DC I actually petted a cockroach. It was at the Museum of Natural History and was about the size of a small toy poodle. Can you imagine that thing coming after you??? It was creepy!!

So there you have it. 6 weird things about me:) I tag Ian:):)

And yes, I seem to have survived the week for the most part. My insomnia got really bad this week and I finally broke down and asked my doctor to call in an Rx for me. That really helped restore my sanity.

I spent the best evening I have had in a long time last night with Moki and Niki just crafting and visiting and sharing some girl time. I finally forced myself to come home at about 1:45 am:)


moki said...

I LOVE your 6 things! Nikki and I called it quits 15 minutes later and I crawled up to bed an passed out!

Rohanknitter said...

Fun list!
4. Me too- I was so sure that as long as that sheet was on, I was safe.
5. No way - no creepy crawlies around here please. (actually, snakes don't freak me out) Pretty much all bugs do.
6. You said it!