Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Weekend, Part 2

And here is part two of how I spent my long weekend...crafting until my fingers hurt and I couldn't see staight! Not pictured are three bags that are done except the top stitching and three more red/black potholders.

Drum roll please....introducing the quilted wall hanging I made for one of my dearest friend's 40th birthday..never mind that her birthday was in JULY!! I gave it to her in a bag I made along with some other little goodies. The pic is sideways - it is three hearts in shades of pink and rose.

Next - I whipped up some ATC's just to have on hand. I made several extras so if you want to trade an ATC with me just let me know! This one is called "Circle of Friendship"

And I finished my ATC's for the Text ATC swap I participated in with Swap-bot.

A red/black potholder from a Japanese crafting book Moki let me borrow that I am going to have to buy cause I want to make everything in it:) , a little tote bag made out of a dark green felted sweater, with a little flower accent and a winter hat for Miss S - my first attempt at knitting a hat - I basically just made a long rectangle, sewed it up and gathered the top - it turned out very cute though. I tried to get her to model it but she refused. I also made her a skirt this weekend that she refused to model. Fickle child:) I cast on a matching scarf for the hat and the hat and scarf will be Christmas presents for her.

Lastly, another teddy bear made from suiting - I have not put a face on him yet....and a crochet hook holder and two knitting needle holders that will all go into the Christmas box.

I can't tell you how good it felt to make progress on all these - they were all WIPs that needed my love and attention. With four days off I had enough time to get housework done and still have plenty of time for crafting and not feel guilty. I have several more projects that I rounded up all the supplies for over the weekend so that will be my task for this next weekend. Can you convince my boss that I need another four day weekend???


Jackie said...

Wow - what amazing things you did this weekend!! LOVE the atc's - I have yet to make one of those! and that potholder - what Japanese book is that from? Love the bag too and the quilt (your friend must have been thrilled!). It's all wonderful and I know it feels great to make progress on those WIPs!!

firstborn said...

double wowie!! you got BUSY!!! love everything you've created! sure, i'd love to swap an ATC w/ you!

& btw, i believe i have something of yours over at my humble ablog {smile}!

:) mary ann

moki said...

ohhh fun! I'm not getting anything done! :)

Zaffron said...

I got you ATC today! What a beautiful design. I love the colors, the composition, the friendship theme, everything :) I really couldn't tell that this is a beginners ATC. Thank you for the nice package as well, with the flower stickers and the pretty card. It was such fun getting post today!