Saturday, September 23, 2006


The Japanese craft books I ordered have officially shipped!!! I am doing the happy dance and can hardly wait for them to arrive!!!! I had yesterday off work and did all my errands, and spent a lovely afternoon volunteering in Miss S's classroom - I am in charge of the Fall party so if any of you have great ideas for Fall crafts or goodies for kindergartners, please share! We stuffed ourselves silly at Outback for dinner and now today I am looking forward to a nice quiet Saturday. I plan on cleaning the garage a little (I actually enjoy that:)), cleaning, crafting, and maybe starting something from one of my newest purchases - Sublime Stitching. I also perfected the 10-minute pillowcase yesterday after deciphering some very vague instructions...I just may try my hand at my first tutorial!! My Red & Aqua swap and my Purple & Yellow swap are boxed and going to the post office..yeah!!


Ryalin said...

Wow, you actually get to have a fall party? CA politicians have made new laws that say we can't have ANY FOOD in classrooms. No more giving jolly rangers as treats, no more candy at Halloween Parties, etc. CA SUCKS!!
OH yeah, we are allowed to give the kids pretzels, sunflower seeds, grahm crackers etc. What a crock of CRAP!!

Happy Zombie said...

Hi WA-girl Raesha! Thanks for visiting my blog because it led me to you blog! I love your new Sublime Stitching book and have been on a quest to collect the Japanese craft books (I just love them!!!).


PS... My checkbook cover pattern is in the works.