Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Day of Firsts

Today was our first ever family trip the to state fair...Miss S's first pony ride....her first kiss from a pygmy goat...face painting....caramel apples and breakfast burritos...we had a fabulous time!! Hubby pulled out the camera pretty much as soon as walked in the gates and I had forgotten to put the memory card in the camera so no photos from the fair this year. Oh well!! After the fair we stopped at the Talin Market in Albuquerque which is about the coolest market we have - it has an aisle for every different type of cuisine. We especially love the Asian stuff - Hubby bought some fresh kim chi (sp?)(I can't stand the stuff) and Miss S and I picked out a bunch of different exotic candies to try. A new little boutique attached to Talin had opened since the last time I was there and man oh man - Hello Kitty heaven!! I am so excited we finally have a quasi Hello Kitty store in town. I bought several little notebooks and have plans to return without Hubby in tow:) I'm looking forward to the rest of my lazy Sunday!


moki said...

I forgot about the hello kitty store! MMMM Talin! Smells like fish though :)

charlène said...

hello it's charlene from postcrossing! i hope all is going on well for you! you can see my blog too on and this is my e mail:
see you soon and have a good day!