Thursday, September 07, 2006

Japanese Crafting

I placed my first order for Japanese crafting books last night....I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL I GET THEM!!!!

Here's what I ordered:

ISBN 457910921X - a CUTE stuffed animal book

ISBN 457911020X - Machine Made Patchworks - love the ideas in here!

ISBN 407246385X - to help with the myriad of baby gifts I am always in need of:)
ISBN 457911082X - Machine Made Patchworks 2 - I loved the first one so much I thought I'd give the second one a try too.

BUT in all my excitement I completely forgot to order the book I REALLY wanted - one of the ones Moki let me borrow:
ISBN 4529040186 - this is the book I got the pattern for the red/black potholder from. It is first on my list for my next order:)

I placed my order through yesasia and got all 4 books for $73.00 with free shipping - I didn't think that was too bad:) I also have three other crafting books coming from

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carrster said...

do you find it's difficult to do projects when the instructions are in another language?