Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Little Crafting

WOW!! We have 20 participants in my Tag Swap - I'm so excited to see what everyone makes:):)

I've been able to do a little crafting this week - I finished up my March and April projects for my CIP group - I joined late so I have a little catching up to do:):) Here are the scarves I made for two sweet little girls and two rough and tumble little boys.

For May I will be working on finishing two partially completed table runners:)

I also finished my pages for the BookArtz group I'm in through yahoogroups. The theme this month was purple and green, and I guess I have peace love and flowers on the brain:) I already have plans to do something similar as an atc. It's kind of simple, but I really like how it turned out.

Did I tell you that Saturday I got to spend several wonderful hours with Moki going to garage sales? I found some absolute treasures!! However, hubby has been home every night this week so most of them are still in the back of my car:) I hate having to explain to him just why I needed another bag, or another book, or more fabric, or just why the hell did I buy that piece of crap??? (He's not really that bad - but I know that's what he's thinking:)) So it's much easier to take pics and put stuff away while he is gone:) This Saturday I plan on doing just that - I can't wait to show you the deals I scored!


Lucy said...

Love the colors of your flower power artwork, great combination!

I had to laugh at your hidden stash's worse things you could be doing, so I say go ahead and shop till you drop :)


Monique Duke said...

ha! I'm so glad my hubs is blind to my treasures! LOL! Time for a game or movie night very soon!!! I got out for the first time today w/o any kiddos (since this ankle thing) and it was heaven...guess I could have emailed this long comment to you ;) LOVE!

MéLisa said...

I love your purple & green page! Very cute!

I so feel your pain about the hidden treasures!!! It hard to explain why I need another cream & sugar set when I already have oh what 5. Or why I need another yard of fabric when I already have enough to rival Joann’s. It’s a woman thing for sure don’t worry your not alone. As long as your not starving your kids for you yard sale habits where’s the harm? By the way does NM have fab garage sales???? I am looking forward to seeing what you found!