Monday, May 28, 2007

Fiber Arts Fiesta

I took the afternoon off work on Thursday and went to the Fiber Arts Fiesta for a few hours. There were so many beautiful things to see!! My favorite was the quilt exhibits. This beauty here was made by my friend Donna. Each piece of fabric is a selvedge edge showing the name of the fabric and the manufacturer. What a cool idea.

This quilt caught my you can't guess why?

This one was also made by a friend, Louise. It is completed hand appliqued. The detail is gorgeous and amazing. Both Louise and Donna are in my local atc groups so I am thrilled to own little pieces of art by both of them:)

The vendor part didn't really turn me on. There were about 60 vendors there - fabrics, felting, quilting, knitting, crochet, lacemaking, beading, dollmaking, and everything else in between. Absoutely nothing really jumped out at me. There was one booth were fat quarters were $1.50 so I got the four fat quarters on the right - a cool floral, green, yellow, and dia de los muertos. I also bought a yard of the Japanese kitty fabric and a pattern for a mini flag quilt. Then I bought two fabric postcards from a friend manning the NM Quilters Association booth. I took $150 with me to spend and came home with $120.00. I was happy though. I've already used the green and yellow fat quarters. I am trying so hard to use what I have. Espeically since the price of Miss S's daycare doubles for the summer. It will be a tight three months.

I have been having a wonderful weekend. I truly feel like I have accomlished more the last two days than I have the last 6 months. I have been sewing up a storm and cleaning like crazy. I have my pile of 50 things to give away from Lain's challenge. I can't wait to show you pictures later today of all the junk leaving my house, and pictures of the projects I have finished. I was sidetracked for a little while yesterday with a massive headache. Even 2 migraine pills did not take the edge off of it. So I took a sleeping pill at 8:15 and went to bed. I just got up at about 9:00 and I feel great. Less you think I'm a junkie, I only take sleeping pills when absolutely necessary:). My RX of 30 of them has lasted me since December and I still have about 10 left. Miss S and I are going to lunch with hubby, hopefully hitting a neighbors garage sale on the way....then back home to finish up some of the sewing projects I started yesterday.

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Monique Duke said...

that quilt is awesome! I can never get rid if those selvage scraps...i just can't!