Monday, May 28, 2007

Busy Little Beaver

I have so many wonderful projects to show you that I finished this weekend:) That's what I love about three day weekends....especially this one where I had not a single committment, except for church yesterday morning. I had time to clean, organize, play with Miss S, hang out with hubby, and craft to my little heart's content...other than that blasted headache that I had yesterday. But I worked through the pain and have lots to show off!! And probably a record number of posts in one day:)

A fresh pile of tissue holders. I love to have these on hand for little gifts and goodies.

I'm going a little doll quilt crazy. Though mostly cause I'm trying to use what I have and not necessarily that I am jumping on the doll quilt bandwagon:) In 1999 I participated in a Y2K swap where you sent 25 - 2.5 x 2.5 inch squares to enough partners until you had 2000 different squares. These squares have been sitting in a beautiful Longaberger basket ever since:) I had grand plans for a huge quilt that showcased them all but I know that will never happen so I've decided to make a bunch (and I mean a whole bunch) of little quilts with them. These ones will all be presents for various loved ones.

I am SO pleased with how this little friendship one turned out - I had been told by several people that you can't print fabric on a laser printer. After a little more research it turns out that you CAN print fabric on a laser - it just is not washable. Well, this is going to be a wall hanging so it doesn't need to be washable. I love the look of the "honor" that I embroidered above, but I love the laser printed "friendship" too - there are so many possiblities for both! I have 4 more tops pieced and ready to be finished.

And what's Memorial Day without a little slip n slide action with Miss S trying out her new swimsuit:)

A recap:
Laundry - check
Sewing - check
Swap tags for my swap - check (these should be mailed tomorrow)
Work on goodies for several swaps - Check
Clean the kitchen - Check
Clean my desk - half a check since I am halfway done
Clean master bathroom - check
Send out some Good Mail - check
Relax - check
Get rid of 50 items - check, check, check!!

All in all a highly productive, and happy weekend (minus the headache and a few random bits of extreme grumpiness).


Stephanie Lynn said...

The quilts are so beautiful. You were so productive this weekend, I am thoroughly jealous!

By the way, I love your backyard!

Monique Duke said...

oh my heck! You have been busy! I am keeping my house clean, but not at all busy...I'm too tired LOL

MaryAnn said...

We had a bit of slip n slide action here today, too! Loved all the updates, and hope my yard sale box arrived!!!

Also, I'm the 3rd to post with 2 names.

Christy said...

Wow, you have been busy! The tissue holders look great. Mine always come out too big. Did you use a pattern or tutorial? Or did you make your own pattern?

I'm doing the 50 Things too. We had a yard sale a couple weeks ago and I still have the boxes of stuff to be donated, so I have plenty to get rid of!

rohanknitter said...

You got a ton done, that's for sure!! I love all your little quilts, especially the "honor" one.

LauraJ said...

you inspire me to get off my tuckus and actually do something constructive!! way to go with all the quilt love. I love those buxom ladies fabric! too funny!

Lucy said...

My goodness, now don't I feel like a lazy slob ;)! You sure did get a lot done this weekend, good for you! Love the doll quilts, I bought one myself this weekend at a yard sale. I should use it as a wall hanging as you suggest since my lil men will not be using it for their GI Joes anytime soon :p


Roxanne said...

Your quilts look gorgeous! Wow, you were a busy lady this weekend. Puts me to shame I'm afraid!

marta said...

wow. super cute. lovely to get so much crafting done!

Ribbon Rock Star said...

I love those lil tissue holders!
WOW a slip n slide!! Sounds fun


Happy Zombie said...

Seeing some of your tissue holders in polka dots... I HAVE to tell you:

About 3 or 4 years ago my guild had it's annual summer picnic that was polka dot themed. My friend Karen and I sprang into action and made the tissue holders as gifts for everyone, and we used all polka dot fabric. And what did we call them... POLKA SNOTS! :o)