Saturday, May 05, 2007

National Scrapbook Day

At thirty minutes to midnite I actually completed a layout in honor of National Scrapbooking Day. So many of my other crafts have come first lately and I have done little to no scrapbooking for the last few months. I have piles of pictures and memorabilia piling up so I better get busy. I'm hoping to make little 6 x 6 albums for all the grandparents for Christmas this year so this is the first official page for those albums. Super simple, but cute nonetheless:).

And I finished my Mother's Day gifts while Miss S and I watched Hannah Montana on Disney Channel - quilted potholders. Again, super simple, but cute nonetheless:)


Monique Duke said...

The page is super cute! And I love your fabric choices for the pot holders!

Pam Aries said...

THat is darling! And the potholders are too! I was excited over all your thrifty finds! I love yardsaling! I have found so many cool things over the years! I sent you an email..I got your package! I love it all! Thank you so very much!

African Kelli said...

R -- did you take her photo too? That is such a great shot!
And I love the potholders. Great idea. I should make a bunch of these and have them on hand for future gifts... You've got me thinking.

Regina said...

Pretty page! I have 2 years worth of scrap booking for my first kid completed, a box of pictures for the second. I am very very very behind.

Very nice postholders. Thanks for reminding me that mother's day is coming up (how could I forget?)

Rebecca said...

Your potholders are adorable! And you make me want to scrapbook more. Any idea how to fit more hours into the day? :)

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday to your hubby!