Sunday, February 04, 2007

Thanks for the Love

Thank you all so much for your awesome comments on my last post. I agree, that as long as I keep their memories alive, both Michael and John will be here with me forever.

My sadness finally started to lift at the end of this week and I had a very productive weekend. I finished up some goodies for our partner in the Mini Swap, some atcs and some Valentine's cards. I'll post pics of the package we sent Mr. G. after it has arrived. It was hard putting a package together for a little boy! But, it was really fun:) Oh I finished our taxes...I had to check them three times, cause our refund is unusually large, to make sure I didn't mess anything up
:) So I'm happy to report we are looking forward to a nice big check from the feds in a few weeks. I am also happy to report that are getting a whopping $54 refund from the State of New Mexico too!! We usually owe money to the state so ANY size refund from the state makes me happy:)

Here's the Valentine's Day card I made - easy peasy - I think I made about 10 so I better start getting them mailed out! I'm sending five out for the Red Velvet Art swap I participated in.

A little dark, and a little blurry - but it's two layers of purple patterned pattern, some stamped hearts from a conversation heart stamp set, a purple ribbon....and they're done! I haven't made card in a while so it was fun playing:)

I hope your weekend was productive!


MaryAnn said...

My federal tax refund is usually huge. This year, with the new and shiny full time professorship and increased salary, I will receive a refund check from the gov't for five dollars. Five puny dollars. It's sad to watch my Earned Income Credit go away:( However, I'm happy that yours will be big! If we lived nearby, I'd treat you to something off the McDonald's dollar menu with my return!

MéLisa said...

I was just thinking that i need to do our taxes. Fun stuff, ugh! Love your card! Cute cute!

Roxanne said...

Taxes, yuck! I hate doing those. We usually get a refund to, which does help motivate us to get them done! I love your purple V-day card. I have had a ton of ideas floating through my head, but haven't actually made any yet. Guess I better get on that!

Lisa said...

I am terrified to do our taxes, so haven't yet. It is our first year being self-employed so I fear the self-employment tax. That card is way cute. I love conversation hearts.

LauraJ said...

Money for craft supplies! Oooohhhh wonderful. What a lovely card. Thank you for the inspiration!

Sara said...

Hi Raesha!
I was fortunate enough to receive one of your Valentines Day ATC's. It was my first swap, so thanks for the sweet package. I think that I will include info abt myself in future swaps because it makes it more personal (thanks for the idea!).
I also love Japanese craft books, and sewing. When I have time, I like to knit, crochet, scrap and fiddle around with other crafts.

Thanks for the wonderful card!

Vallen said...

Taxes suck. This year because I didn't have two jobs I'm actually getting something back from Uncle Sam. Half of it will go to our Govenator though. Sucks!!!

k8tykat said...

cute card!!