Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sweet Treats

The crud has hit out household big time! Miss S was sick last week and this week hubby and I have been sick. Unfortunately, what little patience I do have goes out the window when I am not feeling good....I'm afraid I have yelled too much at both Miss S and hubby this week as a result. I hope this next week will be better. My beaner, Tammy, and her friend will be here for a short visit on Friday and then next Tuesday Miss S and I fly to San Diego to visit for a few days with my mom, my granny, and my sister and her family. I cannot wait!!

So here's the sweet part of my week - Miss S and I participated in mommycoddle's mini swap and Miss S's package arrived this week from the fabulous George:

Just look at all these lovely treats!! A felt doll kit, paper dolls, stickers, cards, books, crayons, colored pencils, milk chocolate hot fudge sauce (we can't wait to use that!), hair clips, artwork by George, pom pom animal kit, and a bracelet kit for me. Such wonderful and thoughtful goodies! Thank you so much George (and Dawn:)).

And I won Monica's giveaway for her new blog location...a gorgeous little Japanese quilting book. She figured it was destined to come live with me...notice the little Dutch girl on the bottom right corner - my hubby's family is Dutch and we are completely enamored with all things "Dutch". Thank you Monica! I was even miraculously paired with a Dutch partner in Monica's Potholder swap:):)

And a new blog friend sent me this surprise - a little photo album just right for postcards as it shows BOTH sides:) She even filled it with several postcards for me. She also included a little pincushion she made. Thank you Miss Tola!

Lastly - this little bundle arrived just before Valentine's Day - my goodies from Amy's Valetine's ATC swap. I received atcs and goodies from Regina, MaryAnn, Dawn, Deborah and Susan. Thank you ladies for these wonderful treasures!!



Dawn said...

I'm so sorry you are all sick too! Get better real soon... :)

Tola said...

oh im glad you like it! get well soon.

Regina said...

Thank you for yours too! I love my new tissue holder. The colors are so pretty! Feel better soon!

African Kelli said...

I'm sorry you've been having a hard week R. Your goodies look fab! Here is to hoping this week is much, much better.

linda said...

That japanese book look greate!! I love those japanese crafting books!!