Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sick Days and Swaps

Miss S is sick - nothing too serious, but an inexplicable temperature over 100 the last two days. It has been nice to call in to work yesterday and today:) I've been able to get a few crafty things done, some packages ready to mail, and some much needed cleaning around the house. I made Miss S the CUTEST apron for Valentine's Day last night - I'll take a picture of her in it tomorrow.

I went to check the mail yesterday and my box was filled to the brim with goodies! I received some fabulous lip gloss from this sweet woman that I am testing for her:)
Also - my Sweet Pea Valentine's package arrived from Meg, and a wonderful surprise from K8tykat arrived too.

A beautiful chocolate box filled with all sorts of bits and bobbles - and tiles that spell my name! What a wonderful and thoughtful gift - thank you Kerry!!

And look at all these goodies from Meg! The CD is of all Beatles love songs - so cool!!! Lots of candy, vintage Valentine's, candles, handmade goodies and more! Thank you Meg!!

Have a great day!!


Knitting Mama said...

I love pink & Scrabble letters! YOu are one lucky girl!

Feel better soon Miss S!

Vallen Queen said...

You have made one big score on this Valentine's loot. I'm sure it's because you are so sweet.

Roxanne said...

Valentine explosion at your house! Wow, what fun stuff. Glad you received the lip balm...take your time and use it up, then send me your comments. Thanks again!

Kelli said...

wow, that is a lot of pink! What fun! And you so deserve great stuff. :)

k8tykat said...

i am SO happy that the package arrived and you like it as much as i did when wrapping it all up. plus, these treats won't end up spoiling dinner.


norththreads said...

Oh girl you have outdone yourself!!!!! You brought me to tears last night when I opened up my goodies you sent!! They're finally here!!!!Yeah!!! I have been in such a crafting slump lately & all this beautiful pinkness is the cure!!!THANKYOU-THANK YOU!!!! Everything is so lovely,and I mean everything. I will be posting soon about it. I appreciate every little touch you put into it! I cant even choose a favorite, well maybe that smock.....to die for..or the poches and handmade goodies. You were soooo kind & generous,what an enjoyable swap!

monique said...

Hi Raesha,

I hope that miss S. is feeling a bit better.
You received some beautiful things.
I made you a nice package for the potholder swap and I brought it to our post office after work.
I hope that you will like it.
Have a lovely day.

Miss Dot said...

wow! I have just read through your blog and I am stuffed, how do you fit so much in your life? :-) I just recieved your Valentine Card, it took a long time to reach me from New Mexico. Thanks so much for making this beautiful card and the letter, it will join the others on my shelf :-) Has my card made its way to you yet? Oh you have also inspired me to see if the Red Cross is doing any kind of packages thing to the Australian troops fighting in the middle east. I could put a package together I am sure!

Sara said...

Oh I love swapping, but the postage is a killer!

What are vintage valentine's? I've never heard of them before!

Anonymous said...

hello, I'm a regular reader and yes we "know" eachother through our blogs. I have a question for you if you could answer it here in the comments section I'll be back to check the answer: What is your favorite color and that of little S?

Raesha D said...

HHMMMM....my favorite color is purple:) Green is a close second. Miss S's favorite color is pink...she's quite the girly girl:)