Thursday, November 30, 2006

And a Thank You

Thank you all for your beautiful comments on my baby girl's kindergarten picture. Here's to each of her school photos turning out just as beautiful:)

Finally - a Beatle-esque post

I realized I have not posted about my beloved Beatles since I went to Ringo's concert this summer...then I further realized that I missed remembering the 5 year anniversary of George Harrison's passing by one day (November 29, 2001). So one day late I bring you this beautiful picture of George. When I think of George, this is always just about how I picture a little long, mustache, and the beginnings of a fine hippie.

I met George several years ago - it must have been about 1994 or 1995 - I was working at Wild Oats at the time and it was Halloween - I was dressed as Raggedy Ann that year in a costume my mom made for herself for my very first Halloween in 1972. I still have that costume and wear it for Halloween every couple years. But, back to my story - I knew George was in town as he was participating in classes or something at the Aruyvedic (sp?) Institute in town. Imagine my surprise when he showed up in the deli of our store!!! I talked to one of the people that was with him first and asked if it really was George Harrison. He flat out told me no. I then ran to my office and grabbed one of my Beatles 8x10 pictures off my wall, ran back to the deli and approached him. I very politely said "Excuse me, Mr. Harrison, I am a huge fan and I just wanted to tell you how much I love your music. I have all your solo albums as well as all your Beatle's albums. I was wondering if I could get your autograph" (This is about verbatim what I said - give or take a few words:)) He looked right at me, then without a WORD, turned back around and continued to study the deli case. I was thrilled to meet him, even though he did not acknowledge me. I knew he was reclusive and was not particularly fond of his fans. I was a little disappointed though as I was the ONLY person that approached him the whole time he was in the store and what are the odds some crazy 22 year old, dressed as Raggedy Ann, would have a Beatles picture AND encounter a living, breathing Beatle in little old Albuquerque, NM. It makes for a wonderful story:)

My boss ALMOST autographed a piece of paper and was going to take it out to George while he was eating lunch outside and tell him, I hear you have a shortage of autographs and I wanted to give you one of mine.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Sweet Baby

Miss S came home with her school picture retakes on Friday - finally! It took about 5 weeks to get them and I was so glad we did the retakes!! As goofy as her intial pictures were - these ones just about took my breath away. I still get that little fluttery feeling in my heart everytime I look at these:) I cannot believe my baby is in kindergarten and I do have to say this is about the most beautful school picture I have ever seen:)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

One More Crafty Post

Sweet Vallen of Queenly Things sent me a lovely package that arrived yesterday. She had posted not too long ago about some great wrist warmer patterns made with sweater sleeves that she found and she offered to photocopy the pages for me:) Well, not only did she sent lots of fabulous photocopies, but she also sent a pair of sweater sleeves for me to try them out on:)
So - here's what I did!!

I added a crocheted scalloped edge on them, and a little pick button to make them a little more fitted. I also added a little stitch to make them more like fingerless gloves, rather than just wrist warmers.

And here I am modeling them:) I am happy with the result - and they will help to keep my hands warm when the boss is having her hot flashes and has the air conditioner on high in the middle of winter:) Hubby was not too impressed - he looked at me like I'd grown a third head when I showed them to him...boys are so weird!

My Long Weekend...

was absoutely wonderful! I feel like I caught up on five years of much needed sleep. And I crafted until my fingers hurt...well actually just my thumb, cause my nail broke too far down so the top of my thumb is almost hurts like the dickens!!

Anyway - here are some of the projects I worked on:) I worked on others but they are gifts for friends that frequent this blog so NO pictures of those for now:)

A beautiful set of coasters using Allsorts easy peasy tutorial. I used a bunch of the squares from my Amy Butler Jolly pack and I love how they turned out. I will definitely be making more of these.

Two of three pillows I made - I have had this fabric in my stash for years...they are no longer really my style so I finally bought pillow forms for them, sewed them up and they are going in three different Christmas packages.

Here is Miss S - oops that pajama top is almost revealing more than it should:) The picture is really to show you the store bought holly garland that I embellished to say "Merry Christmas" - I simply stamped the individual letters on premade tags I had, then tied them to the garland with red organdy ribbon. So is a closeup so you can see the letters a little better.

And finally, I finished my ornaments for Amy's ornament swap. I am also making these for another holiday ornament swap I am in so I have about 10 more of these to make. They turned out really well and I hope whoever gets one in the different swaps I am in will like them:)

I wrapped presents and have 9 packages ready to go to the post office tomorrow!! Once those are mailed that will leave me with only two packaged to finish up and mail off before Christmas. It really sucks having NO family in New Mexico so I end up mailing so much stuff. I am also working on some Christmas goodies for my blogging friends and our family Christmas cards. Moki took the picture and I LOVE IT!!! See a preview below:) I love to send and receive Christmas cards so if you would like me to add you to my Christmas card list, just send me a quick email at raeshadrz at yahoo dot com with your snail mail address:):)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Holy Cow!!

Thanks Jackie for helping me figure out what was wrong!! I didn't realize I had checked "comment moderation" and I had 29 comments waiting to be approved before posting. What a doofus - can you tell I am so new to this blogging thing??? Well, I have not UNCHECKED this feature so my comments should be back to normal:):)


Is anyone out there?? I have not received a comment in over two weeks and one of my friends mentioned she was having problems with my blog, but I think I have everything fixed. If you are out there could you leave me a short comment so I can make sure nothing it up with that feature as well??

I crafted a bunch yesterday and I will be taking pictures today to show you everything I have completed:) Happy Saturday!!!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday

The shopping madness of Black Friday has NEVER appealed to me...I do however look forward to my own version of Black Friday each year:) I celebrate by not leaving the house, usually until early evening, cleaning up Thanksgiving decorations, and getting down all the Christmas decorations. I love to go through all my boxes of decorations and deciding just what will go up this year. I spend part of the day wrapping presents and doing a little crafting too. On my list today for crafting are Christmas pillows for my friend in Silverdale, WA, trying some of these amazing coasters from Allsorts, trying to load one of Moki's buttons on my sidebar (does that count as crafting?).

Thanksgiving was wonderful! I hosted for the first time in about 4 years and we had a full best friend, Carla, her hubby and two kids, her mom and dad, her sister and her aunt, my hubby and Miss S, and two of our best friends, Frank and Dave. I love Carla and her family. Since Hubby and I have no family in New Mexico, they have literally adopted us and I cannot remember the last holiday that we did not spent with them. Hubby deep fried the turkey and it was delicious. Everyone brought a couple dishes and we enjoyed a marvelous feast.

Here's a kind of blurry picture of most of us:) Miss S and I both had the stomach flu earlier this week so I was thankful that we both healed quickly:) However bad the stomach flu is, it's a great way to lose 5 pounds two days before Thanksgiving!

Before the stomach bug hit me I did a little Christmas gift crafting on Sunday before and after church. I finished another Christmas apron, and added these appliques to a pre-made apron for Miss S. She loves to help me cook so now she will have her own apron to wear:)

I made 4 of these "ten-minute pillowcases" - I love these - so quick and easy and a perfect gift for all those kiddos in your life.

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and if you are a power shopper on Black Friday, good luck!! (Carla left her house at 4:30 this morning!!)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Count Your Blessings

It appears that my blog was taken over by mumbo jumbo code for a while...but everything appears to have returned to normal:):)
Driving home today I started thinking about how excited I was for this 4 day Thanksgiving weekend...and that led me to thinking about one of my absolute favorite hymns from church...

Count Your Blessings

When upon life's billows
You are tempest tossed
When you are discouraged
Thinking all is lost
Count your many blessings
Name them one by one
And it will surprise you
What the Lord has done

Count your blessings
Name them one by one
Count your blessings
See what God has done
Count your blessings
Name them one by one
Count your many blessings
See what God has done

Are you ever burdened
With a load of care
Does the cross seem heavy
You are called to bear
Count your many blessings
Every doubt will fly
And you will be singing
As the days go by

When you look at others
With their lands and gold
Think that Christ has promised
You His wealth untold
Count your many blessings
Money cannot buy
Your reward in heaven
Nor your home on high

So, amid the conflict
Whether great or small
Do not be discouraged
God is over all
Count your many blessings
Angels will attend
Help and comfort give you
To your journey's end

Count your blessings
Name them one by one
Count your blessings
See what God has done
Count your blessings
Name them one by one
Count your many blessings
See what God has done

So in honor of this hymn, and of Thanksgiving - here are 4 things that I am grateful for:

1. My Family - we are spread out across this entire country and even the world with Ian in Iraq, and I don't get to see any of them nearly as much as I would like, but not a day goes by that I am not thinking of one my family members. I am especially grateful for Hubby and Miss S who bring joy to my life everyday and love me even with my many faults.

2. My Faith - I don't talk about my faith very often...I try not to be one of those people that shove their religion down your throat...but my faith is very special and sacred to me. I am grateful to know that I am a daughter of God.

3. My Friends - Each one of my close friends are special to me in their own way. Tammy knows me inside and out and she is one of those friends that you can just sit and "be" with - the kind where you don't have to be talking constantly. Carla helps me keep it real. Moki stretches my creative side. For each of these women, and many others like them in my life, I am grateful.

4. My Job - For as much as I b**tch and moan about my job I am grateful that I have a job doing something that I love, that I am paid well, and that my husband is able to go to school full-time due in large part to my good job.

To each and one of you, Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

What a riot!

Lain found this awesome little Quiz - hers cracked me up, so I thought I'd have a go at my own and now I'm laughing even harder. Coincidentally, the morning radio show I listen to has a "Chuck Norris Fact of the Day"...little did I know I would be terribly missed by him:)


'What will your obituary say?' at

I've had a semi productive day - I cleaned the kitchen and the pantry, bought the last few remaining T-day groceries I will need, started my T-day cards to send to a few friends, and even wrapped a few presents. I cannot, however, get in the mood to craft which is extremely frustrating as there is so much I want to do! I did come up with some cute little gift tags. Once I started wrapping presents I realized I had no idea where my Christmas gift tags were. I used my label maker in Word, added a little clip art Santa, and voila - Christmas gift tags! Feel free to use them yourself - I created them to print out on Avery 5160 labels which I literally have thousands of.

Friday, November 17, 2006

My "Sick" Day

I have just about had enough of work and decided earlier this week that I would play hooky (sp?) today...I really needed it! My wish list of items to accomplish this weekend is a mile long and I am happy to report that I have checked several off already:)

I have a lovely half wall between my kitchen and great room that I have always wanted to decorate really cool for the holidays. Today at Hobby Lobby I lucked out because all the Fall decorations were 80% off - so for under $10 I bought this garland, candles and pumpkins. I really like how it turned out and the candles make the house smell so nice.

My last "R" arrived this week from Moki's initial swap and man is it a beaut! Cathy sent this beautiful watercolor picure/colage. I love it! Thanks Cathy!

I finished my Apron atc's for Selena's swap - I have been on a purple and green kick lately:):) I also finished up the remaining Christmas atc's for Amy's swap (I posted about those a few days ago), boxed up a couple packages that are ready to be mailed out and cleaned the kitchen. I want to clean the pantry too this weekend so I think I will start that next:)

This is part of the envelope from Cathy - she decorated it with several lovely drawings - I love her style:):) Now my Hubby really thinks I'm crazy because I've started keeping decorated envelopes:)

What's on your agenda this weekend? I have Christmas ornaments to sew, several presents to start (and hopefully finish), put together some Thanksgiving goodies for Miss S's class and teachers, clean the pantry, finish laundry, make some birthday and thank you card samples for a class I am teaching at church, try to organize my sewing area so I actually have room to work on aforementioned ornaments and presents, give the three crazy dogs a bath, and watch 5 taped episodes of Nip/Tuck.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Never Forget

My sweet mama reminded me of two family veterans we can't forget:

Francis Berry - WWII Pacific - my maternal grandfather
Ron Becker - Navy, Vietnam - my step-dad

Happy Veteran's Day

Oh man, I'm barely through the title and I'm already teary eyed. Veteran's Day holds a very special place in my heart this year with my brother being in Iraq. I went to my ATC group this morning and our theme was "quotes" - this was my favorite....and was very appropriate for Veteran's Day:

Freedom is not free.
A price is paid so that others may have life and dwell in peace, happiness and freedom.
If you don't stand behind our troops, please feel free to stand in front of them.

I love so perfectly expresses how I feel about our troops...war sucks, but our soldiers are out there putting their lives on the line for us...and soldiers have done that forever and I am grateful every day for the sacrifice they have made.

So Happy Veteran's Day to:
Ray Terry - Air Force, Vietnam - my dad
Grandpa Terry - Navy, Korea - my paternal grandfather
Grandpa Holguin - Navy, WWII - Hubby's maternal grandfather
Opa de Ruiter Zylker - Air Force, WWII - Hubby's paternal grandfather
Michael Linderman - Marines, Gulf War (KIA) - my dear friend from high school
Rick Hughes - Navy, Guantanamo Bay - my brother in law
Ian Terry - Army, Iraq - my brother

I love each of these men dearly. And to all our veterans - thank you!!!! I would love it if you visited my brother's blog - and left him a veteran's day greeting. I love the above picture of Miss S - it was taken on the Fourth of July 2003.

Swap and Craft Goodness

I particpated in this Vintage Bird Swap and this week my package from my partner, Kerry, is so beautiful!! The top two pictures show what she sent me and the below picture shows what I sent her:):) The bird collage and the white metal bird bath are now in Miss S's bathroom - they fit perfectly with her garden theme. Kerry loved the blue dove napkin rings that I sent her the best:)

I was finally able to get some crafting in this weekend - I needed a little break to charge myself up for my trial this week and this was just the thing I needed. I blatantly copied Moki's idea for a little Christmas notebook - it has tabs for gifts and ideas, and an envelope glued in the back for receipts and coupons. The size is about 5.5 x 4.25 and it will fit perfectly in my purse to keep track of everything I have still to buy and do for this season. After Christmas it will go in my Christmas Scrapbook as a beautiful momento. Thanks for a fabulous idea Moki!! Also - instead of blank paper inside I used noteback paper so I have lines to write on:)

I started my Christmas ATCs for Amy's swap...and in the process came up with this gem which I think will be just perfect. I am also participating in her ornament swap and I will do the same general design just in fabric in a little 4 x 4 inch quilted square for my ornament. I hope to make a few extras for my own personal gift giving as well. O Tannenbaum has always been one of my favorite carols:)

So now it's your turn...what Christmas crafting have you been up to??

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Good Karma

Just on a whim I decided to go to Barnes & Noble today at lunch to check out Amy Butler's new book- In Stiches. I remembered that Barnes & Noble emailed a coupon to me for 10% off - I logged on to print it off and noticed that it expired today!! Then I completely fell in love with the book:):) so I decided to buy it. When I was checking out the lady behind me let me use her frequent customer card for an additional discount, then I remembered that I had a few dollars left on a gift card from my dear sister (and the gift card ended up havint $12 left on it - I only thought it had $4.00 left on it!!) long story short after the coupon, discount, and gift card I ended up only having to pay $8.75 for this beautiful book! I am so excited to try every single one of these projects!!! I hope the karma gods smile on you as much as they have smiled on me today:):) And tonight I'm off to game night with my dear friends...I made something special for our monthly gift exchange:)

Sunday, November 05, 2006


I was very thankful to have received several goodies in the mail this week...especially considering the stressful week I have had at work. Trial prep really drains me.
Here is a pic of my Red and Black Swap from swap bot - my partner did a great job in picking out items for me - fabric, notions, bracelets, santa mug, and other assorted little goodies:) The little guy in the middle is a red devil that says "whenever you kiss me my toes curl up" - too cute!

I also did another swap with my atc friend, Jeanie - I sent her one of my Frank atcs and another atc I made and in exchange she sent these too cool atcs. I cannot for the life of me get a good picture of them.

My Swap bot secret sister revealed herself to me - thanks Christine! Here are most of the goodies she sent me in 4 different packages. Everything is perfect! She included some Hello Kitty stamps and stickers for Miss S - don't tell her though as I might keep the stickers for myself:):)

And I saved the best for last - my Handmade Apron Swap parcel arrived from Germany!!! I hosted this swap on Swap bot and we had 9 participants. Dieuwertje put together this wonderful package for me. It was beautifully wrapped. There were lots of oohhs and aahhs as I unwrapped every item. I saved the apron to open last:)

Strawberry milkshake mix, herbal tea, white hot chocolate, wooden spoons, several metal cookie cutters, silicone cupcake liners and a star mold (like for cookies or pancakes), little spice packet and princess stickers for Miss. S. The apron is beautiful! Red gingham with a beautiful rooster inlay. I already have it hanging in my kitchen. I LOVE IT!!!

So thank you to Dieuwertje, Christine, Jeanie, and Sher for making my week so much better:):) OOH I almost forgot - I received my fat quarter swap from Pam and from Jill. Thanks to those beautiful ladies as well:)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

More Japanese craft goodnes...

I have received some wonderful mail this week...made all the more special due to the fact that I am slammed at work and am preparing for a 2 1/2 day trial which starts on the 14th. I spent most of today working on preparing exhibits for the trial.

I have a wonderful new friend named Dawn that I met through Moki's initial swap and when she found out I am starting to collect Japanese craft books she offered to get me one anytime when she is in Seattle...this delicious book arrived from her yesterday - the picture is not too clear but it is Heart Warming Life Series ISBN 4-529-04018-6. I borrowed this book from Moki over the summer and fell in love with it - thank you Dawn!! And the check is in the mail:):):)

The next piece of goodness arrived today from Michelle in Texas who was my partner for the Swap-bot Wish List swap I participated in. I was so touched that she chose this book for me and ordered it...what an awesome gift. It is entitled Linen Handiworks for Everyday Use and the ISBN is 4-8347-2403-4. It is filled with tons of beautiful projects!! Thank you so much Michelle.

I am happy to report that my collection is now up to 5 books:):):) With a wishlist about a mile long...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween...a day late!!

I was too tired last night to post on actual Halloween...but I am happy to report that the DZ family had a fabulous Halloween!! My office had a potluck for lunch and we stuffed ourselves silly, then we closed at 4:00 p.m. to all head home for trick or treating. I dressed up as Cinderella and Miss S let me borrow her crown for the finishing touch:):) Sydney was The Little Mermaid....she and I went trick or treating at about 10 houses in the neighborhood and she scored! We have a cute little grandma that lives next door and she had a whole special bag for Miss filled with candy and other little treats and toys. She is awesome! Miss S was more into handing the candy out at the house than trick or treating herself and I was happy about that:)

Here's my work crew- 9 of the 17 employees dressed up we had (from left to right), geisha girl, dead southern belle, pirate, cleopatra, hippie, little dead riding hood, bat girl, cinderella and an ostrich jockey. We had so much fun!! However, it is quite hard to work all day in a ball gown:):)

Cloth Paper Scissors

I bought the newest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors last night...there is lots of cool stuff in it but I don't think I will ever do any of the projects in here. SO if you are interested in it, I will mail it to you (US only) - all I ask is that you send me something small of your choice in return. Let me know if you are interested!