Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween...a day late!!

I was too tired last night to post on actual Halloween...but I am happy to report that the DZ family had a fabulous Halloween!! My office had a potluck for lunch and we stuffed ourselves silly, then we closed at 4:00 p.m. to all head home for trick or treating. I dressed up as Cinderella and Miss S let me borrow her crown for the finishing touch:):) Sydney was The Little Mermaid....she and I went trick or treating at about 10 houses in the neighborhood and she scored! We have a cute little grandma that lives next door and she had a whole special bag for Miss filled with candy and other little treats and toys. She is awesome! Miss S was more into handing the candy out at the house than trick or treating herself and I was happy about that:)

Here's my work crew- 9 of the 17 employees dressed up we had (from left to right), geisha girl, dead southern belle, pirate, cleopatra, hippie, little dead riding hood, bat girl, cinderella and an ostrich jockey. We had so much fun!! However, it is quite hard to work all day in a ball gown:):)


Jackie said...

Very fun! You look fabulous as Cinderella and Miss S looks adorable! We have a grandma on our street too that had special goodies for our kids only - she even called to see when they were coming! So cute! Glad you had such a fun day!

carrster said...

That's great! My current job doesn't do the dressing up thing which sucks!

I would think wearing a ball gown all day might make it a bit EASIER to work! Heh...okay, maybe not.

k8tykat said...

you look so cute raesha. love the crown.