Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday

The shopping madness of Black Friday has NEVER appealed to me...I do however look forward to my own version of Black Friday each year:) I celebrate by not leaving the house, usually until early evening, cleaning up Thanksgiving decorations, and getting down all the Christmas decorations. I love to go through all my boxes of decorations and deciding just what will go up this year. I spend part of the day wrapping presents and doing a little crafting too. On my list today for crafting are Christmas pillows for my friend in Silverdale, WA, trying some of these amazing coasters from Allsorts, trying to load one of Moki's buttons on my sidebar (does that count as crafting?).

Thanksgiving was wonderful! I hosted for the first time in about 4 years and we had a full best friend, Carla, her hubby and two kids, her mom and dad, her sister and her aunt, my hubby and Miss S, and two of our best friends, Frank and Dave. I love Carla and her family. Since Hubby and I have no family in New Mexico, they have literally adopted us and I cannot remember the last holiday that we did not spent with them. Hubby deep fried the turkey and it was delicious. Everyone brought a couple dishes and we enjoyed a marvelous feast.

Here's a kind of blurry picture of most of us:) Miss S and I both had the stomach flu earlier this week so I was thankful that we both healed quickly:) However bad the stomach flu is, it's a great way to lose 5 pounds two days before Thanksgiving!

Before the stomach bug hit me I did a little Christmas gift crafting on Sunday before and after church. I finished another Christmas apron, and added these appliques to a pre-made apron for Miss S. She loves to help me cook so now she will have her own apron to wear:)

I made 4 of these "ten-minute pillowcases" - I love these - so quick and easy and a perfect gift for all those kiddos in your life.

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and if you are a power shopper on Black Friday, good luck!! (Carla left her house at 4:30 this morning!!)


moki said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the stomach bug! Glad it was fast!

I have another button that is smaller if you want to use it.

And I'm glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving! Talk to you soon!

MaryAnn said...

Much like you, I chose to celebrate my Black Friday at home. Today I wore pajamas for over 10 hours while I crafted and graded papers and cleaned out the basement. Aaaah! So much better than fistfighting with women at the department store.

Leslie said...

Love the pillowcase. How do you make them?

MéLisa said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better!

I agree with the no Black Friday shopping. I decorated for Christmas instead.

Love the pillowcase! I have those exact same fabrics that are going to become placemats & napkins one day. Wal-Mart right?