Thursday, November 30, 2006

Finally - a Beatle-esque post

I realized I have not posted about my beloved Beatles since I went to Ringo's concert this summer...then I further realized that I missed remembering the 5 year anniversary of George Harrison's passing by one day (November 29, 2001). So one day late I bring you this beautiful picture of George. When I think of George, this is always just about how I picture a little long, mustache, and the beginnings of a fine hippie.

I met George several years ago - it must have been about 1994 or 1995 - I was working at Wild Oats at the time and it was Halloween - I was dressed as Raggedy Ann that year in a costume my mom made for herself for my very first Halloween in 1972. I still have that costume and wear it for Halloween every couple years. But, back to my story - I knew George was in town as he was participating in classes or something at the Aruyvedic (sp?) Institute in town. Imagine my surprise when he showed up in the deli of our store!!! I talked to one of the people that was with him first and asked if it really was George Harrison. He flat out told me no. I then ran to my office and grabbed one of my Beatles 8x10 pictures off my wall, ran back to the deli and approached him. I very politely said "Excuse me, Mr. Harrison, I am a huge fan and I just wanted to tell you how much I love your music. I have all your solo albums as well as all your Beatle's albums. I was wondering if I could get your autograph" (This is about verbatim what I said - give or take a few words:)) He looked right at me, then without a WORD, turned back around and continued to study the deli case. I was thrilled to meet him, even though he did not acknowledge me. I knew he was reclusive and was not particularly fond of his fans. I was a little disappointed though as I was the ONLY person that approached him the whole time he was in the store and what are the odds some crazy 22 year old, dressed as Raggedy Ann, would have a Beatles picture AND encounter a living, breathing Beatle in little old Albuquerque, NM. It makes for a wonderful story:)

My boss ALMOST autographed a piece of paper and was going to take it out to George while he was eating lunch outside and tell him, I hear you have a shortage of autographs and I wanted to give you one of mine.


Ryalin said...

That's a wonderful story I never knew!!

BMT said...

That is a great story...but seriously would it have killed the man to scribble on your picture???

Rohanknitter said...

Gosh, couldn't he at least have initialed it or something!
Great story!

moki said...

I think he's a gorgeous man but if things were different I'd be stalking him for treating my friend like that :) Your bosses idea was hilarious and clever!

Leslie said...

Couldn't he at least spoken to you if writing was too strenuous?