Saturday, November 11, 2006

Swap and Craft Goodness

I particpated in this Vintage Bird Swap and this week my package from my partner, Kerry, is so beautiful!! The top two pictures show what she sent me and the below picture shows what I sent her:):) The bird collage and the white metal bird bath are now in Miss S's bathroom - they fit perfectly with her garden theme. Kerry loved the blue dove napkin rings that I sent her the best:)

I was finally able to get some crafting in this weekend - I needed a little break to charge myself up for my trial this week and this was just the thing I needed. I blatantly copied Moki's idea for a little Christmas notebook - it has tabs for gifts and ideas, and an envelope glued in the back for receipts and coupons. The size is about 5.5 x 4.25 and it will fit perfectly in my purse to keep track of everything I have still to buy and do for this season. After Christmas it will go in my Christmas Scrapbook as a beautiful momento. Thanks for a fabulous idea Moki!! Also - instead of blank paper inside I used noteback paper so I have lines to write on:)

I started my Christmas ATCs for Amy's swap...and in the process came up with this gem which I think will be just perfect. I am also participating in her ornament swap and I will do the same general design just in fabric in a little 4 x 4 inch quilted square for my ornament. I hope to make a few extras for my own personal gift giving as well. O Tannenbaum has always been one of my favorite carols:)

So now it's your turn...what Christmas crafting have you been up to??


Jackie said...

Oh, I need to start on my ATCs and ornaments for Amy's swap too! Yikes! I just finished my apron ATCs for Selena's swap. I'm also just trying to finish up some old projects. (not as fun as starting something new...)

moki said...

"blatantly copied " lol

It looks good. I'm going to have to go back and do the pen holder like you did. See you later :)

norththreads said...

Wow , beautiful stuff here! Girl-thank you soooooooooooooo much for the lovely Christmas swap package!!! I just got it today & am so excited, I so hope you enjoy yours!!!! Thank-YOU your goodies are soo appreciated!!!
Enjoy your goods & please let me know they arrive safely!!
~cheers & hugs~