Sunday, November 26, 2006

One More Crafty Post

Sweet Vallen of Queenly Things sent me a lovely package that arrived yesterday. She had posted not too long ago about some great wrist warmer patterns made with sweater sleeves that she found and she offered to photocopy the pages for me:) Well, not only did she sent lots of fabulous photocopies, but she also sent a pair of sweater sleeves for me to try them out on:)
So - here's what I did!!

I added a crocheted scalloped edge on them, and a little pick button to make them a little more fitted. I also added a little stitch to make them more like fingerless gloves, rather than just wrist warmers.

And here I am modeling them:) I am happy with the result - and they will help to keep my hands warm when the boss is having her hot flashes and has the air conditioner on high in the middle of winter:) Hubby was not too impressed - he looked at me like I'd grown a third head when I showed them to him...boys are so weird!


Jackie said...

Very cool! I love the edging!

Vallen said...

These are far better than any of the ones inthe book. I started some this weekend. I hope they will turn out as well.

MéLisa said...

Very cute! I had to laugh about the third head thing. I seem to get that a lot around our house & was so glad to hear that it happens elsewhere too! Everyone else’s husbands seem so supportive of whatever their wife has made. Not that mine isn’t mind you, just sometimes I get that look & not as much enthusiasm as I had hoped. He is thrilled that I sew but a little less excited about the new “whatever” I made when it is a bit….hmmmm… different. Boys!

Cherry Menlove said...

They are so nice. I really like them!
Hello by the way! :-)


LauraJ said...

You are so crafty! You're crafts are all great!! What an inspiration you are! I think I've said that before! You're daughter is adorable!

moki said...

Those are adorable!