Monday, September 28, 2009

I got

nothing. Seriously I got nothing. I had grand hopes to sew and craft this weekend and catch up on quilt blocks for my swap group. Instead I threw up on the Sea Dragon ride at Cliff's (yep - the ride was closed for about 10 minutes while they cleaned up after me) and spent almost all day sleeping yesterday (other than the couple hours I was church). Wow....what an exciting weekend.
Since I got nothing for you - please go check out this blog. It will seriously make you laugh so hard you just might pee in your pants.


dawn said...

You caught me. I love that website, it is my morning (and afternoon and sometimes evening) giggle. A friend pointed it out to me and in return I gave him

You're welcome.

LauraJ said...

oh how embarrassing to throw up in public! When I was in 6th grade I wasn't feeling well one day. I asked to the teacher to go to the washroom and she kept stalling me. Finally she let me go. On my way to the bathroom I didn't make it and got sick in the hallway. Thankfully everyone was in class and didn't see it.
That's life I guess. Here's hoping this week is better for you!

maggiegracecreates said...

I love that site. I generally print at least one every day to display at our parts counter at work. Have a great day.

kristin said...

i came over here to THANK YOU!!! "Ristras"...who knew, i sure didn't. anyway...i got lost on the photoblog...wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry!!! thanks for sharing...hope you get your craft mojo back. xxx