Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hooray for Fall!!

FINALLY...It's season premiere time for my favorite shows:) Let's see if you can spot a trend. This week I will be watching the premieres of the following:
CSI: New York
CSI: Miami
and my newest love...NCIS: Los Angeles

Chris O'Donnell is darling and LL Cool J can seriously kick some butt:) And I love that the principal from Kindergarten Cop is in it too.

What shows can't you live without? I'm looking to add a few more to my lineup:)


dawn said...

ooo, I think you'll like "Forgotten". My can't miss list is too long, embarassingly so but I'm most excited to see "Fringe" back. My favorite new show so far is "glee", and Miss R is into "Vampire Diaries" but mostly because it has become an excuse for her and three girls in the neighborhood to get together on Thursday nights.

April Pantall said...

The Office & 30 Rock are musts - seriously funny.

And of course "Project Runway"!!

Chad said...

Dexter, It's Always Sunny In Philldalphia (sp) great shows!