Sunday, July 13, 2008


I just realized that I have not announced the winners for giveaways #5 and #6!!! Be sure to stay tuned cause I'll announce the winners of the grand prize winners for my birthday and blogaversary on Wednesday!!

NOW on to the current winners:
The winner of Giveaway #5 (atc series) are:
Lady Bracknell and Jenny from Fated Follies Studios!!

The winner of Giveaway #6 (stickers) is:
Brenda from It's All Good

Please email me at raeshadrz at yahoo dot com with your snail mail addresses and I'll get these gifties in the mail to you!!:) CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Lady Bracknell said...

Woo hoo!

I am a very lucky girl :-)

fated follies studio said...

Thank you for the sweet giveaway. I love your atcs. Can't wait to hold them