Monday, July 07, 2008

A day late (more like three or four)

Miss Derfward Manor challenged us to feature the "heart of our home"...I'm a few days late to the party (actually make that 11 days late, but who's counting). My bedroom is the heart of my home and I wanted to show it off all sparkly and clean, but that would never happen. So I finally broke down and took several pictures of my bedroom in all its glory.

At least the bed is made. I asked Miss S to sit on the bed and pose cute and this is what I got. Kind of bride of Frankenstein, accompanied by her belly up stuffed turtle.

My sewing corner. It's a wonder that I get anything done. Just this morning I moved the pile off the stool so that I could sew a patch on a shirt for a coworker.

Moving to the right of the sewing corner we have the treadmill. I'm currently watching season 2 of NCIS while I walk.

Here we feature my it normally looks...piled high with clean clothes waiting to be put away. I cannot even believe I am showing you all this picture. But hey...don't Miss S and I look cute all dolled up for church?

So this is the heart of my home for right now...where I sleep, sew, create, read, fold clothes, iron, walk and watch tv. Better late than never.


TinkerBlue said...

It's cleaner than my bedroom. Our duvet is in a pile on the floor, and the duvet cover is on the bed. It was sooo warm one night that I got up around 3am and pulled the duvet out of the cover and it's been like that for a week!

Jan said...

Better late than never, as the saying goes. Thanks for the tour, and yes that is a great photo of you two.

Meg said...

Raesha, you and Miss S look adorable! I also couldn't help but notice the afghan (? green/yellow/bright blue) in the last picture...did you make it? Could you show us a picture of the whole thing? It's great!

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