Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Life

My sister requested pictures of my new here you go, Balls....

Front view: (i have the front up in a little clip)

Back view:

Side view: (reminder: sit up a little straighter when covertly taking pictures of yourself in your office:))

My boss keeps the office at about a cool 60 degrees...she's been having hot flashes for about 6 years now. I wear my little grey sweater almost everyday at work.

I did take it off for a few minutes today to show of my outfit....another episode of thrift style:) Merona top and Gap skirt...both from the Goodwill in Santa Fe and both about $3.00 each.


Stephanie said...

You are so cute! I love the new do. My office is freezing too so I keep a cardigan around so I don't freeze to death as well.

kerry lynn said...

look at you cutie!!
love the new cut!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME CUT! I'm so jealous that our sis in law lives there now. I hate the process of making an appointment, talking to someone who doesn't know you at all about what you might want done to your hair.
Love you

rohanknitter said...

Great pics, that's a very cute new do! Your boss sounds like my mil, I always have to wear a sweater at her house - even in the summer.

African Kelli said...

you are so darned cute!

Jan said...

Love the new "do", so modern.

susan said...

cute outfit and cute cut!!!