Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Independence Day!!

We celebrated today with a bbq with my brother, Shay, and his family. The kids went in the hot tub, had a water balloon fight, had a water gun fight, and we all ate until we all about exploded, and in general had a lovely day together. I'm sure everyone will sleep like a ROCK tonight!

Miss S lost a tooth while we were there!


LauraJ said...

happy 4rth to you too Raesha!

Anonymous said...

where was Chad? We had friends over had a bbq, then went on the hill behind our house to watch the city fireworks. It was awesome!!


Danielle said...

Happy 4th!! Don't you love those toothless grins!! Laila lost her first tooth a few weeks ago, and she has another just about ready to come out:-) I can't get over how funny she looks, lol!!