Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Blues

I have the Sunday blues....cause tomorrow is Monday and I am NOT looking forward to work. Oh well - it's only five days until the next weekend:)

I actually sewed today - I finally made my March project for my flickr group - Finny and Donk's Sewing Adventures. It was the pintucked table runner and I love, love, love how it turned out. It looks beautiful on our table.

I used linen for the top, and added a little embroidered "home" when I was done. I wanted it to have a really homespun look to it.

Miss S took a marathon 3 hour nap after church today. I cleaned house, and watched an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent (with Chris Noth - yum) and two episodes of CSI (William Petersen, George Eads and Gary Dourdon - yum, yum and yum)

Hope you're having a great Sunday!


Ryalin said...

Hey, Did I know that you got a new dining room table? I see a cherry one and not whitewashed. It looks beautiful. Sorry you have the blues!

i'm kelly said...

i love the embroidery & i love law & order... watching it as i type!

Regina said...

Your table runner is beautiful!

jess said...

I really love when my kids go to bed so I can watch Law and Order! Your runner looks great with your chairs, good job!

Lucy said...

Everything looks great Raesha, you did a fabulous job with your table runner! Good for you on getting some relax time with your shows. know what they say, if you constantly have the Sunday blues, it may be time to start looking for a new Monday morning. Actually, that's just what I say..LOL!

Anonymous said...

GEORGE EADS! *swooon* :D

I love the table runner -- your stitching is perfect! :)

(Wanna work on my dress?) ;)

kami said...

I love it! It's really pretty, and the whole table setup looks awesome!

So, I'm making the rounds and asking craft bloggers for help with an English assignment. I'm writing a paper (yay) on indie crafters and need lots of responses to my survey. I'd love it if you could answer my questions and would be so grateful! I know you're a busy mama! :) Thanks!

kerry lynn said...

it's beautiful, rae!
just love how simplly perfect it is with the embroidery.
sending {{hugs}}.
ps : a little lovleiness is in the mail to you. :D

Jennifer said...

The runner is wonderful, and I can imagine that it makes you happy every time you pass by and see it there. And I am with you on the whole living for the weekend thing -- I don't understand why all the small, human, humane things that would make working and workplaces more bearable can't/don't happen. There aren't enough really smart, kind, caring people (women) in charge at the top and I sincerely believe that's at least part of the problem. Oh well. Tomorrow is Friday so there you go!