Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Happiest Place on Earth

Look who we ran into on our way out of the park Sunday night??? MICKEY!!! Miss S was thrilled as she had drawn a picture for him and she was so excited to actually get to give it to him.
Miss S is home sick today - she's been fighting a bug since Sunday (my first clue should have been that she wanted her sweatshirt on in the 80 degree weather). She was up half the night last night with a 103 temp and mumbled in her sleep all night and tossed and turned. Poor baby. I've got stuff that has to get done today at work so she will come with me and we'll just stay as long as we can.


Monkey Pants said...

Oh how I wish we could afford a Disney trip right now! Weather so nice, we're so close, kids out of school for a 2.5 week spring, disneyland, mortgage,'s a toss up!

Looks like you had tons of fun!!

Mrs. G. said...

What fun. Your family is beautiful!

Vallen said...

Oh, Raesha - what fun what fun!!! I'm sorry Miss S is down with a bug but all the adventures will be happy memories..