Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Day Sunshine

It is beautiful here today! I'm so sad for all of you that are having snow this weekend. For once, it looks like we will have a warm sunny Easter! We're having a cookout tonight with some friends at our house, followed by an egg hunt for the kiddos - I'm in charge of dessert and I have apple pie and blackberry crisp baking in the oven. The house smells awesome!

I'm loving my three day weekend. I got most of the chores done yesterday so that I could take it easy today. I spent this morning making a whirly twirly skirt for Miss S to wear on Easter Sunday.

I love this fabric - it's an Alexander Henry print from last yet. I have enough left to make a little something else for Miss S - make a cute little smock top or a couple aprons.

And I participated in Lain's 30 Minute Thursday challenge. I've been wanting to participate for a long time and finally did it! This page took less than 30 minutes even. The challenge was to use 1 piece of yellow cardstock, 2 pictures, 3 pieces of patterned paper, and 4 brads or eyelets. That was the minimum - I added more pictures and used more patterned paper, but kept it to 3 different patterns. I like how this page turned out - sweet and simple.


Jan said...

I love that fabric. Sounds like a great weekend.

Jackie said...

That skirt is too cute!! Have a fun cookout - your desserts sound great!

JenMc said...

Like your photo placement on your 30-minute layout. Cute font too! Nice job.