Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekend Progress

In addition to cleaning my room, I got a little bit of my sewing and crafting mojo back and finished up a few lingering projects and finished up a few lingering swaps:)

Here's some sneak peeks at what I accomplished this weekend:

My layouts for Saturday and Sunday - only 4 more days to this challenge! I can't wait to add up all the pages I have completed. What an awesome experience the LOAD challenge has been! Even if I don't win the grand prize it has ALL been worth it!!

Itty Bitty Valentines - two are heading to my partner and one is heading to the host - I won't say which is which right now:)

Owl covered notebooks for a flickr swap:
I made two extras which may make an appearance in my little neglected shop

Pay it Forward gifts finally done:
Little mini (like 12 x 12 ) quilts - aren't they cheerful???!! These will be mailed sometime this week.

I finished up my Hanging Heart swap too - I'll post photos of that after the package arrives.

Up next on my to do list are Valentine's cards!!! I want to send out a whole bunch this year so if you would like one, please email me your address at raeshadrz at yahoo dot com


Jackie said...

I have no idea how you manage to get all the things done that you do!! Really amazing! What a productive weekend!

rohanknitter said...

Wow you can get a lot done in a weekend! It all looks great - those little owl notebooks are so cute.

I would love the link for Scraphappy - I do scrapbook.....well, in theory I scrapbook, in reality I have a lot of scrapbook stuff that I'm always thinking that I should get out and use! ; )

African Kelli said...

Oh my gosh, those are just beautiful! good for you R!

Ryalin said...

Wow, you got alot done!
Lil Sis